Monday, August 31, 2015

Working in Paradise... Cove, that is... by Kip Jerger

Working In Paradise

Dateline: Monday, August 31, 2015

Veteran Ocean Lifeguard, Kip Jerger, has gone to Paradise... Cove, that is! Kip has been working as a beach lifeguard this summer at Paradise Cove, which is a private beach in Malibu, that most of us are familiar with.  Kip sent us some photos and commentary on this very special place along our coastline to share with our readership.

Sunrise In Paradise...

"Cut Short in '83...

This pier was drive-able park at the end and go fishing in the 50's - 70's. El Nino 1982-83 crushed it, with the surf SO BIG it broke the pier in two.

LACo OL, Craig Mattox, was hired to saw the old pilings off at low tide. Yes, Alfred E Newman, himself... Great Waterman, Surfer, Swimmer Extraordinaire.  Mattox. A legend.  A Supreme Urchin diver too!

There are also quite a few classic members of our ocean lifeguard tribe that live here. It's not just a place where that fictional tv private eye, James Rockford, lived and ran his private investigative practice out of a trailer. The beach and the restaurant views are stunning.  The nearby surfing epic.  Do stop by. If you haven't been here, you are really missing out."



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x-ref: Please note our recent County Recurrent blog post (see link below) on the finish of this summer's Richard Haddock Run-Swim-Run... which captured some photos and familiar faces out front of the Paradise Cove Cafe and the nearby pier where Kip watches the water.

note/caveat:  The parking is expensive in the private beach side lot at Paradise Cove.  If you are dining it is discounted to $6 with validation. If you are planning on spending a day at the beach you either are going to have to shell out the $30 plus to park by the beach or park along PCH, where indicated, and trek back down to the beach. In either case, if it is a weekend day you should arrive early to avoid the crowds trying to get and out of Paradise Cove.  A weekday is a great option.


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(Photos and text by & Copyright Kip Jerger 2015. Used here with permission.)

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