Monday, August 31, 2009


The following memo was sent out by the LACo Fire Dept. yesterday and forwarded today by LACOLA. We reprint it here for your attention and consideration.

August 30, 2009



With deepest regret and sadness I am informing you of the loss of two of our fellow firefighters in the Line of Duty. Fire Captain Tedmund “Ted” Hall and Fire Firefighter Specialist Arnaldo “Arnie” Quinones were assigned to the ‘Station Fire Incident’.

Today Ted and Arnie lost their lives during extreme fire activity when Camp 16 was overrun with fire. They along with their vehicle were found several hundred feet over the side of the road.

The Board of Supervisors, with President Dave Gillotte of Local 1014 and I, pass along our deepest condolences and sympathy to their families. I have assigned members of the Department to ensure proper care and support for the respective families.

Until further notice, all flags shall be flown at half staff. More information will follow as it becomes available.

"County Recurrent" extends its thoughts and Prayers to our fallen comrades and their families and loved ones. May they rest in peace.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Will Rogers Tower #14, Friday, August 28, 2009

It wasn't just hot today, it was 'sandals required' HOT on the beach today. At Will Rogers Tower #14, the air temp was hovering around 90 degrees and the water was near 70 degrees with a nice bump in the surf. So was I surprised that after I swam out to catch a few waves, with Churchill fins engaged, to find a couple of lifeguards out there surfing....... one on duty on a workout and the other, whose name will remain classified, but he is also an M.D., working from home today...., at a fancy hospital very close to the Beverly Center and he runs a charitable foundation that provides scholarships to deserving LACo beach lifeguards pursuing college and/or graduate degrees.

It was a stunning, shimmering, sweltering day and one which can only be fully appreciated with a few photos. So sit back and enjoy.

The view from my towel just outside the coned 'off limits' Tower #14 vehicle access zone.

A close look at the very successful private beach day camp for kids run by "Fitness By The Sea". These kids have alot of fun at the beach and by all appearances this camp is run extremely well.

Another angle on W.R. #14 with WRHQ in the background.

LACo lifeguards, L2R, John Newton and David Carr (aka, Dr. Pepper)

And yours truly, the editor of "County Recurrent", off duty and on his way home...

(Photo above by John Newton. Used here with permission.)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 USLA Lifeguard Championships, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

(Image Source: Google Images)

(Image Source: Google Images)

(Photo above by & Copyright Mike Gavola 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

(Photo above by & Copyright Mike Gavola 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

Tuesday Evening, August 11, 2009 (Edited and Corrected)

The Following Report was prepared and written by LACo Capt. Jay Butki who also serves as Competition Chairman for the California Surf Life Saving Association, and which we are reprinting in full below for your reading enjoyment.

Subject: Top 10 Open Competitors at the 2009 USLA National Championships
Date: August 11, 2009 1:06:04 PM PDT

(Photo above shows the '09 LACOLA Nationals Team. Photo Courtesy of and Copyright Joel Gitelson 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

(Photo above by & Copyright Mike Gavola 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

(Photo above by & Copyright Mike Gavola 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

(Photo above by & Copyright Mike Gavola 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

Overall Events: Open + Masters
CHAPTER POINTS ('A'). (after 161 events)
Chapter: POINTS:
1. Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 589
2. Monmouth County Chapter NJ 487
3. Volusia Surf Lifesaving Association 238
4. Sussex County DE 225.25
5. Miami Beach 75.75
6. Indian River County 59.25
7. Cape Cod 42
8. Long Beach NY 39
9. South Jersey 25.5
10. Jax Beach 14
11. California State Lifeguard Assoc 12
12. San Diego Lifesaving Assoc 7
13. Jones Beach NY 6
14. Laguna Beach Lifeguard Assoc 4
15. Galveston Lifesaving Association 3
16. Virginia Beach Lifesaving Association3

Open Events:
Greg Farry Open Point Championship Trophy

1. Monmouth County Chapter NJ 320.5
2. Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 298
3. Smith Point NY 193.25
4. Sussex County DE 191.25
5. Volusia Surf Lifesaving Association 179
6. Fort Lauderdale 164.5
7. Destin 69.25
8. Boca Raton 35.75
9. Miami Beach 28.25
10. Delray Beach Ocean Rescue 27
11. Palm Beach County 23
12. Long Beach NY 23
13. Hollywood Beach 14.75
14. Indian River County 14.75
15. Hampton Lifeguard Assoc. 13.75
16. Jax Beach 8
17. Cape Cod 8
18. Clearwater 7
19. Town of Palm Beach 7
20. Deerfield Beach 4
21. Jones Beach NY 3
22. Virginia Beach Lifesaving Association 3
23. Point Lookout NY 3
24. South Jersey 2
25. Ponte Vedra Beach 1

TOP 10 OPEN COMPETITORS (Female). (after 31 events):

Name: Chapter: POINTS:
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 42

Volusia Surf Lifesaving Association 41.5
Fort Lauderdale 39
Fort Lauderdale 35.25
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 32

Smith Point NY 30
Delray Beach Ocean Rescue 25
Monmouth County Chapter NJ 20.75
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 20.5

Sussex County DE 19.5

*** The following three (3) photos are also by LACo Recurrent Lifeguard/'09 Nationals Competitor-Photographer Mike Gavola. Copyright Mike Gavola 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission. Thanks Mike ! Spectacular photos, esp. of our cherished LACo '09 National Team Competitors and Lifeguard colleagues.

(Photo above, L2R, Taylor Spivey, dolling it up for the camera; with Micah Carlson, at right, playing it cool.)

(Photo above is of Mike Gavola after one of his teammates grabbed his camera and insisted on taking his photo.)

(Photo above shows LACo Stud Competitor, Mike Murphy, leading the LACo Team in a strategy session under the tent in the shade, with war paint... woo hoo !)

*** "County Recurrent" Shout Out to LACo Recurrent and Nationals Team Member, Micah Carlson, for fact checking this blog post and identifying Mike Murphy (rather than Brian) in the photo above. I knew it was a Murphy. Murphy's Law has a new provision: If it is a lifeguard from that auspicious family, just say Murphy ! :-)

TOP 10 OPEN COMPETITORS (Male). (after 31 events):

Name: Chapter: POINTS:
Monmouth County Chapter NJ 60.5
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 53.5

Destin 31
Volusia Surf Lifesaving Association 28.25
Monmouth County Chapter NJ 27.25
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 27

Monmouth County Chapter NJ 25.5
Sussex County DE 25
Monmouth County Chapter NJ 24.25
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc 20.5

LACOLA won the Overall Points Championship.

but LACOLA lost the Greg Farry Open Point Score Championships,
Monmouth County beat LACOLA in the Open Championships, LACOLA was 2nd Place!

LACOLA Team members highlighted:

Tracey Crothers starts her first day in Medical School at Thomas Jefferson University today after a sensational Nationals.

Both Spivey & Riddle are in their rookie year
of Lifeguard Competition & both earned spots on the USLA National Team to Osaka, Japan for the Sanyo Bussan International Lifesaving Cup on Sept. 13.

Sanyo Bussan traveling US Team:

Jay Butki-Manager/Coach-LACOLA


Ironman: Brian Murphy-LACOLA
Beach Flags: Dan Matta-Sussex Co, DE
Swim: Paul Mangen-Monmouth Co, NJ
Swim/Board: Micah Carlson-LACOLA
Swim/Board: Matt Nunnally-Monmouth Co, NJ

Ironman: Mindy Nowviskie-Volusia Co, FL
Beach Flags: Emily Ward-Hampton LG Assoc., NY
Swim: Kristin Purdy-Smith Point, NY
Swim/Board: Taylor Spivey-LACOLA
Swim/Board: Alison Riddle-LACOLA

*** Also, just in as well from Jay Butki, are some fun photos of some of the other teams competing at Nationals:

* Per Jay: "Destin Florida - 7th Overall in the Open Point Score best Competition cap & Speedo combo on the beach & and definitely the most outrageous Team uniform to the Awards banquet & after Party photos by Adriel Young 2nd in the Surfski and 5th in the Ironman.

Also just in from Jay, "here is another good shot of the Destin Lifeguards racing attire - Team Prison Break"

Jay Butki
Competition Chairman
California Surf Life Saving Association

Mobile (310) 849-5955
FAX (310) 348-9117
(Photo below shows Jay at recent Taplin '09)


*** Thanks Jay and Congratulations to you and all the members of this year's LACo National Team !


And just in from Joel Gitelson ! Check out these comments by Joel. Photos also courtesy of Joel !


A couple from FL. Did the surfboat w/Dave Clark. Aged down to the 50-54 age group. We got the silver!!!

That's Cartlidge handling the boat with me. Alison Little is the one jumping from the boat with Kelsey O'Donnell righting for the next lap.#9678 is Monmoth County's Billy George congratulating JVD for his 2nd place Open Surfbaot win w/Cartlidge.


(File under: "Hey Joel ! Don't you mean FLOR...")

(This next photo shows Dave Clarke, at left, and Joel at right. Photo courtesy of Joel. Photo by Tyler Stover.)

*** Thanks Joel ! ***


2009 Nationals, Extra Extra Read All About It !

*** Want to see some other Great Photos ?! Check out Kat Prichard's website at:

Other highlights from Nationals included the following results:

LACo American Ironman Champs this year include:
Brian Murphy (Open),
Age Group Champs, Dave Clarke, Eldin Onsgard and Joel Gitelson.

***Congratulations to each of these LACo American Ironman Champs !

(Photo below: David Clarke)

(Photo below: Eldin Onsgard)

(Photo below is of Joel Gitelson)

Complete Competition Results are also available online at:



And for those of you jonesing for Video !....

ALSO, just in from Rob McGowan: "There's some great video on YouTube . . . just search "USLA" and check out tomasleeman's stuff - it's pretty good.


*** Stay tuned as we update this blog post with more results plus photos !

Until next time.....

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Competition Results: Intracrew and Taplin 2009

Dateline: July 31 - August 2, 2009

The sand and salt spray has settled and at the end of it all:

Venice wins the Intercrew Relay for the second year in a row !


Central Section, Team A wins the Taplin Relay for the second year in a row !

(Photo below shows two Central Section Taplin Competitors getting pumped up before the main event !

The foundation for both of these wins are the solid and experienced dory crews for both the Venice and Central Section Teams. If the dorys do not do their job, the lead established by the blazingly fast swimmers and paddlers would have been for naught !

So here ya go, for the record:


DailyBreeze: "Venice Lifeguards Reclaim Title of Best Watermen at L.A. County Championships", July 31, 2009
By Phil Collin, Staff Writer Posted: 08/01/2009 12:43:56 AM PDT
First Place, Venice
Second Place, Dockweiler
Third Place, Santa Monica

*** County Recurrent Heads Up:
Look for Dockweiler to get even better. This is a very young, talented and close-knit group of dedicated LACo lifeguards.

Photos too:

TAPLIN '09, August 1, 2009
1. LACo Central Section Wins Taplin Relay for second year in a row !
2. 2nd place was South Bay A team, and
3. 3rd was South Bay B team.

*** Many Thanks to LACo Intracrew and Taplin Competitor, Micah Carlson, for fact checking these results.

*** ALSO, just in from South Bay based action sports photographer, Shelley Kemp, are the following Six Great Photos from the '09 Intracrew. Many Thanks to Shelley ! You also gotta check out her website at:
All Six Photos immediately below are Courtesy of and Copyright Shelley Kemp 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.

*** And let's not forget the the annual Two Mile Pier to Pier swim on sunday morning. LACo Lifeguards ruled the day once again.

Diane Graner-Golles won the women's division;


Sean Lemm won the men's division.

The Daily Breeze covered this event with the following article:


By Erica Metzler, Correspondent
Posted: 08/02/2009 11:09:33 PM PDT

*** And, in case, you missed it, the annual costume beach volleyball tournament, check out the following article by the Daily Breeze:

Thousands converge again to witness hilarious 6-on-6 tournament unfold
By Phil Collin, Staff Writer Posted: 08/02/2009 01:33:42 AM PDT

*** "County Recurrent" News captured two photos post-event of two teams on the streets of Manhattan Beach, above the volleyball venue on the sand. Enjoy:

Until next time....

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