Friday, August 28, 2009

Will Rogers Tower #14, Friday, August 28, 2009

It wasn't just hot today, it was 'sandals required' HOT on the beach today. At Will Rogers Tower #14, the air temp was hovering around 90 degrees and the water was near 70 degrees with a nice bump in the surf. So was I surprised that after I swam out to catch a few waves, with Churchill fins engaged, to find a couple of lifeguards out there surfing....... one on duty on a workout and the other, whose name will remain classified, but he is also an M.D., working from home today...., at a fancy hospital very close to the Beverly Center and he runs a charitable foundation that provides scholarships to deserving LACo beach lifeguards pursuing college and/or graduate degrees.

It was a stunning, shimmering, sweltering day and one which can only be fully appreciated with a few photos. So sit back and enjoy.

The view from my towel just outside the coned 'off limits' Tower #14 vehicle access zone.

A close look at the very successful private beach day camp for kids run by "Fitness By The Sea". These kids have alot of fun at the beach and by all appearances this camp is run extremely well.

Another angle on W.R. #14 with WRHQ in the background.

LACo lifeguards, L2R, John Newton and David Carr (aka, Dr. Pepper)

And yours truly, the editor of "County Recurrent", off duty and on his way home...

(Photo above by John Newton. Used here with permission.)

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