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Competition Results: Intracrew and Taplin 2009

Dateline: July 31 - August 2, 2009

The sand and salt spray has settled and at the end of it all:

Venice wins the Intercrew Relay for the second year in a row !


Central Section, Team A wins the Taplin Relay for the second year in a row !

(Photo below shows two Central Section Taplin Competitors getting pumped up before the main event !

The foundation for both of these wins are the solid and experienced dory crews for both the Venice and Central Section Teams. If the dorys do not do their job, the lead established by the blazingly fast swimmers and paddlers would have been for naught !

So here ya go, for the record:


DailyBreeze: "Venice Lifeguards Reclaim Title of Best Watermen at L.A. County Championships", July 31, 2009
By Phil Collin, Staff Writer Posted: 08/01/2009 12:43:56 AM PDT
First Place, Venice
Second Place, Dockweiler
Third Place, Santa Monica

*** County Recurrent Heads Up:
Look for Dockweiler to get even better. This is a very young, talented and close-knit group of dedicated LACo lifeguards.

Photos too:

TAPLIN '09, August 1, 2009
1. LACo Central Section Wins Taplin Relay for second year in a row !
2. 2nd place was South Bay A team, and
3. 3rd was South Bay B team.

*** Many Thanks to LACo Intracrew and Taplin Competitor, Micah Carlson, for fact checking these results.

*** ALSO, just in from South Bay based action sports photographer, Shelley Kemp, are the following Six Great Photos from the '09 Intracrew. Many Thanks to Shelley ! You also gotta check out her website at:
All Six Photos immediately below are Courtesy of and Copyright Shelley Kemp 2009. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.

*** And let's not forget the the annual Two Mile Pier to Pier swim on sunday morning. LACo Lifeguards ruled the day once again.

Diane Graner-Golles won the women's division;


Sean Lemm won the men's division.

The Daily Breeze covered this event with the following article:


By Erica Metzler, Correspondent
Posted: 08/02/2009 11:09:33 PM PDT

*** And, in case, you missed it, the annual costume beach volleyball tournament, check out the following article by the Daily Breeze:

Thousands converge again to witness hilarious 6-on-6 tournament unfold
By Phil Collin, Staff Writer Posted: 08/02/2009 01:33:42 AM PDT

*** "County Recurrent" News captured two photos post-event of two teams on the streets of Manhattan Beach, above the volleyball venue on the sand. Enjoy:

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