Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Wednesday's Swell!..."

Photo by & Copyright Shiggy Ichinomiya 2013. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.

Dateline: Wed., July 31, 2013

As was reported and as we only just heard about yesterday, another south swell was supposed to hit our south facing beaches today and guess what?...  It did!  The swell was a bit stronger, however, than suggested, and according to several triathletes who were training in the surf at Santa Monica South Tower #26 at Ocean Park this morning with the "TOWER 26" group led by Gerry Rodrigues, there were some strong rip currents and lateral currents.  Some good photos of the surf this morning just after 6 a.m. and of these keen triathletes can be viewed online on the Facebook page of "GoShiggyGo Photography", as well as their website.  Have a look:

The Los Angeles County Fire Department - Lifeguard Division, however, nailed it in their Surf Report this morning and esp. with their posted alert and link as also set forth below:

"South Swell in the water!! Here is your advisory from @NOAA and @NWSLosAngeles   ‪#‎SummerSafetyLA‬ "


"County Recurrent" also scouted out the waves from the Santa Monica Pier this afternoon and the onshore wind was strong with guards wearing their hoodies even!

Here are some photos, fyi...

Santa Monica North:


Overhead the roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier...

Santa Monica South:


(All photos (unless otherwise indicated) by & Copyright Will Maguire 2013.)

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"2013 CSLSA Regionals Recap", by Adam Sandler

At this past Saturday’s CSLSA Lifeguard Regional Championships on July 27th, in Newport Beach, the "California State Lifeguards" (CA State) clearly came to conquer. The group scored 1525.250 points, compared to LACoLA’s 1269.000 points. (Team totals attached).

It should be noted, however, that CA State had 96 competitors compared to 50 for LACoLA. Yet, LA had the most First Place finishes in the highly-competitive Open Category with 13, versus 5 for CA State. In the Masters category, where it is divided into 4-year increments beginning at age 30, CA State edged out LA County by one with 38 First Place finishers. And 77 CA State guards had First Place finishes, while LACoLA had 47.

While we know how proficient the under-30 set is, let’s take a moment to focus on the considerable successes of the 40-plus folks!

Of LACoLA’s 37 Firsts, Steve Morgan, the oldest competitor of the weekend (70+) nailed two First place finishes. Props also go to Eldin Onsgard, who scored 6 Firsts in all 6 of the Age Group events (60-64) he entered. Other LACoLA “Old Guys” such as professional photographer/OLS retiree Joel Gittelson, OL and JG Instructor Steve Contarsy, and raconteur Kip Jerger, among many others, had notable showings. A big well done to all those guys for still competing!

And we might want to ask Chris Linkletter what she puts in her coffee. The diminutive dynamo entered 12 events -- 5 Age Group events (45-49) and 7 Open events -- and by doing so scored First 4 times, Second 3 times, Third 2 times and Fourth twice!!

LACoLA’s competition stalwarts Taylor Spivey and Brian Murphy also did well. Among Brian’s two firsts, they included the brutal International Ironman. He finished second place twice and had one third. Taylor nabbed three Firsts, two seconds and two thirds, in both group and individual events. One of her firsts was in the grueling American Ironman. Honorable mention goes to legacy OL Kelsey O’Donnell for her three firsts, including one in the International Ironman. Her dad Mike, btw, took home a first in the 50-59 Run-Swim-Run.

Additionally, last year’s big winner, LACoLA’s Rob Pelkey did not compete this year due to a work conflict and couldn’t defend his Ironman title. A head to head match up with Pelkey and Murphy (who was competing in Hawaii last year) would’ve been a show-stopper.

Congrats to everyone who braved 61/62 degrees water (it was 70 degrees three days earlier) and to the Newport Beach Ocean Lifeguard Assn. for a terrific job hosting the event.

Eldin Onsgard crossing finish line in the surfski race
Brian Murphy finishing in First Place in Surfski race
Chris Linkletter finishing in First Place in the Board Race

Taylor Spivey getting her First Place Stick

The fun continues next week with the USLA National Lifeguard Championships that will be held August 7-10 in Manhattan Beach, south of the MB Pier. (Aug. 7 Jr. Guards compete; Professionals compete Aug. 8-10).

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Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler, in the sunlight, Fall 2012, reading Press Releases and other Memorada...
 Editor's note:  Many Thanks to lifeguard/paddler/media guru/Wahoos fish tacos connoisseur, Adam Sandler, for sharing the results from this year's CSLSA Regionals, as well as for allowing us to post his photos from the event.


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2013 PLF Scholarship Application availability...

Please be advised / Just in...


On Jul 30, 2013, Paul Silka wrote:

To:  All Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguards

From:  The Professional Lifeguard Foundation Board of Directors

RE: 2013 Scholarship Application availability

PLF is pleased to announce the availability of the 2013 Scholarship Application.  The application can be completed and filed electronically via the PLF web site:

Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguards who are full time students are eligible for the scholarship.  In addition to completion and filing of the electronic application, candidate’s transcripts must be forwarded c/o PLF 743 Almar Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.  The PLF application site will be live accepting applications through August 4th.



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Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 LACo Taplin Team Rosters

The Taplin Bell Trophy! Photo by Will Maguire.
The 2013 Taplin Relay is just about here (Sat., Aug. 3rd at approx. 9 pm) and we've compiled the team rosters for all three sections, including both the "A" and "B" squads of So. Section, all as follows:

Southern Section "A" Team (per Jeff Hart):

Swimmers are Hogan Inscore, Charles Patch, Patrick Fink, and Taylor Spivey
Paddlers are Shane Gallas, Matty Gallas, Tyler Morgan, and Mike Murphy
Dories are Mike O'Donnell, Jeff Hart, Jeff Lombardo, Marshall Ambramzyc, Mel Solberg, Chris Murphy, Dave Cartlidge, and Nick Doyle

Southern Section "B" Team (per Jeff Hart) includes:

Swimmers are Micah Carlson, Matthew Fink, Chris Day, Nick Macko.

Paddlers are Sean Bartlett, Jeff Monroe, Chris Maloney, and Tim Burdiak.

Rowers are Mike Wurzel, Craig Douglas, Scott Bredesen, Scott Moore, Evan Cassady, Lars Gustufson, Jessie Simon, and Will Didenger.


Swimmers: Chad Carvin, Ryan Makuta, Juan Delgadillo, Sean Lane
Paddlers: Brian Murphy, Spencer Parker, Tom Seth, Tucker Hopkins
Rowers:  Colavita / Atkins; Czer / Douglas; Navarro / Wallace; Boghokian / Pruitt

Northern (per Tony Johnston):

Swimmers: Larry Felix, Max Jaben, Chris Sands, Blake Hubbell
Paddlers: Ryan Ameche, Keoni Cuccia, Chris Barker, Jamie Jacobson
Dorys: Tommy Doman/Pat Volosin; Jordan Stephen/Sheldon Magner; Brett Lanford/Tony Johnston; Kyle Heinrich/Kelby Tursick


Congratulations to all of these fit LACo lifeguards!  Best wishes in the race!


x-ref; Extra Credit Reference Material:

Taplin Relay: 1959 - 1962:


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Friday, July 26, 2013

Joel Gitelson - Photo Exhibit

Remember Joel?!  The guy that retired a year ago...  :-)  

For all those who have appreciated Joel's photography over the years and for those of you who would like to see some really great photos of our ocean landscape, here's your chance.

Photo by & Copyright Joel Gitelson. Used here with permission.

Michael Stearns Studio 347 Art Show Introducing Joel Gitelson

San Pedro, California. (August 1, 2013) – Michael Stearns is proud to present the gifted Joel Gitelson and his large-format photographs at the opening of the August exhibit for Michael Stearns Studio 347. The show, aptly named “Local Waters”, begins on August 1st for San Pedro’s First Thursday Artwalk, continues with an artist reception on Saturday, September 14th and will remain on view throughout the months of August and September.
“I am excited to display Joel’s work because of its connection to our community,” stated Michael Stearns, the owner of Michael Stearns Studio 347 who is also a talented artist. “The images he presents remind us all of the tie we have to our local beaches.”
The photographs in this exposition are a compelling demonstration of Joel’s passion for the ocean and the coastline along Southern California. After retiring from a career as a Los Angeles County Lifeguard and Paramedic, Joel has continued to cultivate his ardor for marine life as a prolific photographer. His renderings of the sea set against a deep line of blue sky, grainy sand and familiar landscapes incite the senses and mesmerize the observer.
“I strive to share these prints with others,” Joel commented. “It allows me to raise awareness of our incredible natural surroundings and to emphasize the beauty and life that exists within our ocean.”
Joel accomplishes this well. By capturing the magnificence of the local shoreline, he builds on the community’s appreciation of its location. The Pacific manifests into more than just an ocean; it represents a primal persuasion that instantly delivers an assortment of feelings and delicate innermost imaginings that transport the viewer to another place, another time. With a mysterious longing for a corner of harmony and silence, one can hear the waves thundering and touch the spray of watered salt. This multitude of sensations is the focal point of Joel’s photographic exploration of the sea.
“Capturing marine life and the scenery surrounding it has been very exciting for me,” Joel said. “With current news stories stressing the negative impacts on our environment, it is a joy to see that there are vibrant creatures thriving.”
The basis of these images reflects the intense, multifaceted aspects of the Southern Californian seascape. The results are spectacular. With fluid ease, Joel mingles the skill of photography with the wonder of the environment in a union that drives the audience to take a moment, breathe and relinquish.
To witness Joel’s work up close, please join us at Michaels Stearns Studio 347. Admission is free to the public and the exhibit will be open from 6:00pm to 9:00pm during the First Thursday Artwalk on August 1st with an artist’s reception on Saturday, September 14th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Michael Stearns Studio 347 is located at 347 W. 7th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731. For further information, please visit or call (562) 400-0544.
*** Thanks for the heads up, Joel!  Perhaps we can organize a "Lifeguard V.I.P. Event" at the Gallery?... Let us know and we will announce it.

Joel Gitelson with his Bronze Savage, on the occasion of his retirement, June 2012.  Photo by Will Maguire.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pete Accardy, R.I.P.

For many years, Pete Accardy, was the Swim Team Coach at C.S.U. Northridge and he was responsible for making fast so many swimmers who later became L.A. County Ocean Lifeguards. 

We have been asked by a couple of Pete's swimmers and lifeguards to post the link to the CSUN tribute online.  Many thanks to Michel Lee Hampton for forwarding the following quote and link!

From CSUN:

"Pete Accardy, one of the great figures in the history of California State University, Northridge’s athletics program, passed away on July 13 after battling cancer. Accardy won several national titles as CSUN swim coach during his 24 years on the Northridge campus, and in 1982 became the first coach in NCAA history to win national championships in the same season in two sports (men’s and women’s swimming)."

Rest in peace, Pete.


Respectfully submitted,

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Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Central Section Taplin "Swim" Tryouts...


Monday, July 22, 2013 at 1900 hrs at SMS Tower #17... the tryouts were held for the four swimmers who would qualify to compete on the 2013 Central Section Taplin Team!... and it promised to be one heck of a race and we were not disappointed.  Some crazy fast veterans and rookies participated earlier this evening.  We took photos, of course, and even a couple of videos...

Vets included some guy named Chad Carvin, a law student, the Snyder brothers (Barry and Scott), plus a handful of rookies, including but not limited to, Ryan Makuta, Toby Contarsy, Sean Lane and a couple others...

*** Video Alert ! ***

2013 Central Section Taplin "Swim" Tryouts; Pre-Race Instructions: The Video

Calling play by play during the race and riding shotgun in the Call Car... OLS Kevin Curtis
Veteran OL Chad Carvin milking a nice long wave all the way to shore... to finish First!

Rookie OL Ryan Makuta finishing in Second Place...

Veteran OL Juan Delgadillo finishing Third
And claiming the Fourth spot and making the team is Rookie OL Sean Lane!

After the swim, OLS Kevin Curtis takes the Call Car's rescue board out to assist a two person kayak back to shore which was being threatened by the surf...

*** Video Alert !  ***

Two Person Kayak Rescue/Escort: The Video

Meanwhile, back on shore... Venice Capt. Danny Douglas, below at left, who claimed he was there to watch his Venice guys swim, e.g., Contarsy, Makuta and Carvin, etc.... is shown, assisted by Rookie OL Tucker Hopkins, trying to recruit the two Snyder brothers (Scott and Barry), who both work at Will Rogers, to join the Venice crew... because of their exceptional ocean skills, particularly in paddling.  Just sayin'...   :-)

OLS Kevin Curtis expertly knee riding the rescue board back to shore


That's it!

(All photos and videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2013.)


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