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2013 LACo Taplin Team Rosters

The Taplin Bell Trophy! Photo by Will Maguire.
The 2013 Taplin Relay is just about here (Sat., Aug. 3rd at approx. 9 pm) and we've compiled the team rosters for all three sections, including both the "A" and "B" squads of So. Section, all as follows:

Southern Section "A" Team (per Jeff Hart):

Swimmers are Hogan Inscore, Charles Patch, Patrick Fink, and Taylor Spivey
Paddlers are Shane Gallas, Matty Gallas, Tyler Morgan, and Mike Murphy
Dories are Mike O'Donnell, Jeff Hart, Jeff Lombardo, Marshall Ambramzyc, Mel Solberg, Chris Murphy, Dave Cartlidge, and Nick Doyle

Southern Section "B" Team (per Jeff Hart) includes:

Swimmers are Micah Carlson, Matthew Fink, Chris Day, Nick Macko.

Paddlers are Sean Bartlett, Jeff Monroe, Chris Maloney, and Tim Burdiak.

Rowers are Mike Wurzel, Craig Douglas, Scott Bredesen, Scott Moore, Evan Cassady, Lars Gustufson, Jessie Simon, and Will Didenger.


Swimmers: Chad Carvin, Ryan Makuta, Juan Delgadillo, Sean Lane
Paddlers: Brian Murphy, Spencer Parker, Tom Seth, Tucker Hopkins
Rowers:  Colavita / Atkins; Czer / Douglas; Navarro / Wallace; Boghokian / Pruitt

Northern (per Tony Johnston):

Swimmers: Larry Felix, Max Jaben, Chris Sands, Blake Hubbell
Paddlers: Ryan Ameche, Keoni Cuccia, Chris Barker, Jamie Jacobson
Dorys: Tommy Doman/Pat Volosin; Jordan Stephen/Sheldon Magner; Brett Lanford/Tony Johnston; Kyle Heinrich/Kelby Tursick


Congratulations to all of these fit LACo lifeguards!  Best wishes in the race!


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Taplin Relay: 1959 - 1962:


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