Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Central Section Taplin "Swim" Tryouts...


Monday, July 22, 2013 at 1900 hrs at SMS Tower #17... the tryouts were held for the four swimmers who would qualify to compete on the 2013 Central Section Taplin Team!... and it promised to be one heck of a race and we were not disappointed.  Some crazy fast veterans and rookies participated earlier this evening.  We took photos, of course, and even a couple of videos...

Vets included some guy named Chad Carvin, a law student, the Snyder brothers (Barry and Scott), plus a handful of rookies, including but not limited to, Ryan Makuta, Toby Contarsy, Sean Lane and a couple others...

*** Video Alert ! ***

2013 Central Section Taplin "Swim" Tryouts; Pre-Race Instructions: The Video

Calling play by play during the race and riding shotgun in the Call Car... OLS Kevin Curtis
Veteran OL Chad Carvin milking a nice long wave all the way to shore... to finish First!

Rookie OL Ryan Makuta finishing in Second Place...

Veteran OL Juan Delgadillo finishing Third
And claiming the Fourth spot and making the team is Rookie OL Sean Lane!

After the swim, OLS Kevin Curtis takes the Call Car's rescue board out to assist a two person kayak back to shore which was being threatened by the surf...

*** Video Alert !  ***

Two Person Kayak Rescue/Escort: The Video

Meanwhile, back on shore... Venice Capt. Danny Douglas, below at left, who claimed he was there to watch his Venice guys swim, e.g., Contarsy, Makuta and Carvin, etc.... is shown, assisted by Rookie OL Tucker Hopkins, trying to recruit the two Snyder brothers (Scott and Barry), who both work at Will Rogers, to join the Venice crew... because of their exceptional ocean skills, particularly in paddling.  Just sayin'...   :-)

OLS Kevin Curtis expertly knee riding the rescue board back to shore


That's it!

(All photos and videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2013.)


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