Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Will Rogers Ironman

"Will Rogers Ironman" Schmatic by & courtesy of OLS Matt Pennington.

Are you "Ironman" enough?  The Will Rogers Lifeguard Crew has put together a workout to challenge your physical fitness.  The course is at Tower #14 right in front of Will Rogers Headquarters and features a RUN followed by a SWIM followed by another RUN followed by a PADDLE and then a sprint to the railing of Tower #14 to complete the course before you lay down on your back in agony... if you've tried to crush it, which seems to be part of the challenge, though we audited the swim, walked the course and phoned in the paddle from home followed by a nap.

Lifeguards from all sections are invited to participate and add their name to the 20 plus guards who have done it so far and have their names and times written down in a notebook.  Top Dog to date is OL Barry Snyder and a handful of guards are chomping at the bit to beat his time. This course is designed for the fit ocean lifeguard and has Eldin's name written all over it, figuratively speaking... and we anticipate that OL Onsgard will take up the invitation and do a quick workout on his way to some destination south of Will Rogers in the coming weeks.

"County Recurrent" will be sponsoring a team effort with its Editor volunteering to do the swim portion...

In any case, here are some photos of the course and this morning's WRI (Will Rogers Ironman) participants which included two heats featuring:

Heat One:   OL John Baltz vs. OL/Rookie Manuk Hakobyan (aka, Manu)

Heat Two:  OLS Scott DeBoer vs. OL Scott Snyder


Course Overview: Run from railing at WR #14 to trash can a couple hundred yards north at the 2nd culvert turnaround point and run back to WR #14 around rescue can in sand; Swim out and around stick buoy out front of WR #14, swim back to shore (duh!...) and then run around the (freaking) rescue can again and back to the trash can (puking optional at this point), circle the trash can and return to Tower #14 and go around the rescue can in the sand and grab a paddleboard on the berm and paddle it around the same stick buoy and return to shore and run up berm to Tower #14 and smack the railing and then collapse...

Manu vs. Baltz; Heat One:

Rescue Can Course Point and Paddleboards on berm...

The run...

The swim entry...

JB caught a nice wave... the rookie did not and got hammered in the impact zone...  :-)

Baltz finishes while being monitored by the US Coast Guard Helicopter crew above...

Gotta love the pain!...

Manu finishes several seconds later and is not the least bit winded such is the recovery of youth!


Heat Two:  DeBoer vs. Snyder

Someone lost their board in the surf near shore and appears to be about to be passed by a young stud OL still on his board...

For the Thrilling Finish you will have to watch the following short video which captures it!

" The Finish Of The Will Rogers Ironman:  The Video"

(all photos and video by & Copyright Will Maguire 2013.)

That's it!  Get down there and give it a shot!


Until next time.....

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