Sunday, July 14, 2013

JG Smackdown! Venice vs. Santa Monica

Dateline: Friday, July 12, 2013
Venue:  Ave-26, Venice Beach, Calif.

Re:   A head to head Junior Lifeguard Competition between the LACo JG Teams representing Venice vs. Santa Monica.  Knock down, drag out, running, swimming... you know the drill.  These kids just don't get tired. They can do it all day.  Thankfully for the instructors the competition ended at 12:30 pm or they would have to be treated for exhaustion!  :-)

Here are some photos that capture some of the fun and some of the effort, including one surprise standout champion from the "C" Girls Group from Venice...

Buckle up!

LACo OL/Rookie, Ryan Makuta, at Ave-23 (Number #1 in the Rookie Qualifying Swim and Number #1 in Rookie School), shown above "watching the water"!

Below, the competition area at Ave-26

The finish of the "C" Girls Buoy Swim in shown in close up, below, with the leading swimmer shown at the right in the foreground.

*** Video Alert !  And here's the video of the run up the beach to the finish line.  This little girl can really swim!

JG "C" Girls Buoy Swim Finish: The Video

The victor celebrating her victory!  She was so very excited!


Monitoring the turnaround point for the boys "A" soft sand run...

Below, lining up for the start of the "C" Girls beach run...

*** Video Alert !  The Finish of the Girls "C" Beach Run...

 JG's "C" Girls Running Race: The Video


And below, the finish of the boys "C" beach run...

Well, and so that about wrapped things up. These kids have been at it for over 3 plus hours! Frankly, we were exhausted. We took a few more pictures and then found a place to take a nap...



(all photos and videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2013.)

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