Thursday, July 11, 2013

"The Super Six" Retire Together!...

Wow!  How Amazing Was THAT !?...

Six (6) Great L.A. County Ocean Lifeguards retired together in a celebratory event held last night at the Hermosa Beach History Museum.  Epic, Historical, Magnificent!

Mike Patterson
Garth Canning
Shannon Carr-Davey
Bill Harkins
Merrill Riley
Steve Morgan

And here are some photos that tell some of the story, though being there was the truly memorable experience to treasure!


*** Many Thanks to Robyn Arnold for taking the next photo with my camera!


What a Celebration!  And to our VIP Retirees Of the Evening.... Congratulations on your well deserved retirements and thank you very much to each of you for your many years of devoted service to the community and for the thousands of lives you collectively saved.


(All photos by Will Maguire, except as otherwise indicated.)

Until next time.....

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