Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"2013 CSLSA Regionals Recap", by Adam Sandler

At this past Saturday’s CSLSA Lifeguard Regional Championships on July 27th, in Newport Beach, the "California State Lifeguards" (CA State) clearly came to conquer. The group scored 1525.250 points, compared to LACoLA’s 1269.000 points. (Team totals attached).

It should be noted, however, that CA State had 96 competitors compared to 50 for LACoLA. Yet, LA had the most First Place finishes in the highly-competitive Open Category with 13, versus 5 for CA State. In the Masters category, where it is divided into 4-year increments beginning at age 30, CA State edged out LA County by one with 38 First Place finishers. And 77 CA State guards had First Place finishes, while LACoLA had 47.

While we know how proficient the under-30 set is, let’s take a moment to focus on the considerable successes of the 40-plus folks!

Of LACoLA’s 37 Firsts, Steve Morgan, the oldest competitor of the weekend (70+) nailed two First place finishes. Props also go to Eldin Onsgard, who scored 6 Firsts in all 6 of the Age Group events (60-64) he entered. Other LACoLA “Old Guys” such as professional photographer/OLS retiree Joel Gittelson, OL and JG Instructor Steve Contarsy, and raconteur Kip Jerger, among many others, had notable showings. A big well done to all those guys for still competing!

And we might want to ask Chris Linkletter what she puts in her coffee. The diminutive dynamo entered 12 events -- 5 Age Group events (45-49) and 7 Open events -- and by doing so scored First 4 times, Second 3 times, Third 2 times and Fourth twice!!

LACoLA’s competition stalwarts Taylor Spivey and Brian Murphy also did well. Among Brian’s two firsts, they included the brutal International Ironman. He finished second place twice and had one third. Taylor nabbed three Firsts, two seconds and two thirds, in both group and individual events. One of her firsts was in the grueling American Ironman. Honorable mention goes to legacy OL Kelsey O’Donnell for her three firsts, including one in the International Ironman. Her dad Mike, btw, took home a first in the 50-59 Run-Swim-Run.

Additionally, last year’s big winner, LACoLA’s Rob Pelkey did not compete this year due to a work conflict and couldn’t defend his Ironman title. A head to head match up with Pelkey and Murphy (who was competing in Hawaii last year) would’ve been a show-stopper.

Congrats to everyone who braved 61/62 degrees water (it was 70 degrees three days earlier) and to the Newport Beach Ocean Lifeguard Assn. for a terrific job hosting the event.

Eldin Onsgard crossing finish line in the surfski race
Brian Murphy finishing in First Place in Surfski race
Chris Linkletter finishing in First Place in the Board Race

Taylor Spivey getting her First Place Stick

The fun continues next week with the USLA National Lifeguard Championships that will be held August 7-10 in Manhattan Beach, south of the MB Pier. (Aug. 7 Jr. Guards compete; Professionals compete Aug. 8-10).

Respectfully submitted,

Adam Sandler


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 Editor's note:  Many Thanks to lifeguard/paddler/media guru/Wahoos fish tacos connoisseur, Adam Sandler, for sharing the results from this year's CSLSA Regionals, as well as for allowing us to post his photos from the event.


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