Friday, July 31, 2015

LACo Ocean Lifeguards Volunteer Efforts with the Special Olympics World Games in Long Beach

Just in from LACo OL, David Neilan:

I wanted to pass along some news that you might find interesting for you county recurrent blog.

Some LA County Ocean Lifeguards helped out with the Special Olympics World Games on Sunday 7-26-15 down at Alamitos Beach in Long Beach. We took part in a demonstration of a new event that will be added to the Special Olympics. It is an United Team Pursuit race, where 3 swimmers swim as a team. The demo had 7 teams, with each team having a premier Special Olympian athlete and 2 non-special but experienced open water swimmers.

Photo Source: Daily News; Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, Calif.

One team consisted of the OL Myka Winder (Rookie School 2014), Special Olympian James Wright of Great Britain, and OL Jen Schumacher (Rookie School 2013).  Both Myka and Jen are seen in the third photo posted in the linked Daily News article referenced below, as well as above.

A photo of the entire group of all the participants in this event is the lead off photo in the same article linked below.

Both OL Winder and OL Schumacher work in Southern Section when they are not teaching at local universities. OL Winder is a professor at USC and OL Schumacher is at Cal State Fullerton.

One of the Special Olympians, Matthias Attard of Malta, works on the Maltese version of the Baywatch rescue boat, assisting the lifeguards. He even has a lifeguard uniform which he proudly showed off.

Below is a link about the event with photos that the Daily News of Open Water Swimming put together.

It was a great day for everyone involved.

I enjoy your blog.


Rookie School 2014


*** Many Thanks to Dave Neilan for sharing this report with all of us. ***


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Medal of Valor Dinner 2015

Dateline: Thursday Evening, July 30, 2015 at Seaside Lagoon, in Redondo Beach, Calif...

The gathering crowd...

A golf cart to deliver the catered food... no surprise who is driving!  :-)

Below, comrades since passed... Rest in peace...

The Aussies!...

The U.S. and Aussie Wieland Shield teams together...

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Scott Hubbell Acceptance Speech Excerpt: The Video

Two Hubbell's!...

Hubbell, Father and Son!...

Three Hubbell's!... Son, Grandfather, Grandson!

Jake & Hubb!...

Golfing buddies...

That's a 'left shoulder' turn or is it a "right shoulder"?!...

Spectacular evening!  



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