Thursday, August 6, 2015

The 2015 CSHQ Dodge Ball Tournament: Photos and videos...

Dateline: CSHQ, under the lights at nite on Wed., August 5, 2015, under the guidance and limited refereeing by KT!...

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2015 CSHQ Dodge Ball Tourney: Video #1

The cheering section upstairs briefly included Capt. Scott Grigsby, along with the just arrived Rookie, Paige Sullivan... who would later "dominate" the game with her water polo skills!...

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Hey Nadia!

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There he is, the event founder and producer and event announcer, KT!

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Video #6:

Below, a crafty LACo OL (off duty) hides a ball behind his back!  Is that legal?!...  Are there any rules?!...  After all, we did hear the announcer say at one point, "What rules!?"... followed by laughter...  :-)

LR200 (aka, the call car) returning to CSHQ... OLS Jay Hopkins at the wheel and OLS Todd "Tex" Ribera riding shotgun...

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Video #7:

Video #8:

Video #9:

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Video #10:

The Final Video... Video #11:   


It was yet another great event which all who participated enjoyed.  Many Thanks to KT for sponsoring and producing this annual event which is a highlight of the summer for our Central Section lifeguards.

Capt. Kirk Thomas (KT), below, on duty, watching the water with a cup of coffee at CSHQ, July 2015.


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(All photos and videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2015.)

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