Monday, August 10, 2015

LACoSLSA: 2015 USLA National Champions!

*** We take this opportunity to highlight some of the events and competitors in Daytona Beach this past weekend.  Nationals ran Aug 5, 6, 7, 8 (JGs were on 8/5; adults 8/6,7,8).  Below are photos, comments and some videos from Adam Sandler, Media Consultant/LACoSLSA team member and USLA Official (and off the record, a freelance correspondent with "County Recurrent" News...)

"Nationals were live streaming!..."

The two paddlers are L2R, LACo OL, Brian Murphy, and Kiwi, Nick Malcolm

Men's Paddleboard Finish... the video

LACo's Women's Rescue Race team "flexing their collective muscle..."

Women's Run Swim Run Final... rounding the first flag... (Video)

Beach Flags under the lights... Joji in a run off. One of the competitors dislocated a shoulder. (Video)

Men's board race final.  Brian Murphy winning the board race final and crossing the finish line behind a guest competitor from  New Zealand. Brian won the race as the NZ competitor isn't racing for points.  (Video)

Oldest Competitor...  Tom Hogan rounding the first flag of the run swim run for 70+ Age Group.  Typically he and Bob Burnside do the race together and keep eachother company along the course. Bob could not attend Nationals this year.

Women's Board Race Final...

Water Course Officials... on their amphibious quads. Rob McGowan offers a Shaka bra.

CSLSA General Counsel and USLA VIP, Gus Avila, aka Sheik Asalaam Avila...

 First finisher in the surf swim race gets the #1 stick... and it's LACo OL, Kevin Fink!

Open Women's Run Swim Run Final (Video)

An injured Eldin -right hamstring pull - guts out the run portion of the Age Group American Ironman final.



*** Many Thanks to Adam for sharing his photos, comments and videos with all of us!  We really appreciate it! ***

(All photos, videos and text by & Copyright Adam Sandler 2015.  Used here with permission.)

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