Friday, August 7, 2015


Dateline:  Friday, August 7, 2015... there are some very elaborate and persistent taggers along the beaches of Santa Monica this summer.  This has been an ongoing problem for many years but it sure seems like there is an uptick in the frequency of the tagging.  Within hours or a day or two of the Dept. of Beaches & Harbors sending out a painter to paint over the graphitti, the taggers show up again and tag the same or different towers.

Overnite a tagging crew worked over SMS Tower #18 and, obviously, spent a great deal of time on it. This is what Tower #18 looks like today!...

Hopefully, a combined effort by our Dept, Beaches & Harbors, and the Santa Monica Police Dept. can establish a more comprehensive plan to stop this vandalism which is a blight on the public service and rescue operations performed by the LACo Fire Dept's Lifeguard Operations.


Nevertheless, it was a beautiful morning on the beach and we found our lifeguards to be busy watching the water and keeping people safe.  We also took advantage of this beautiful day to take some more photos... Enjoy!

Two LACo OL's on a workout... charging it out to the SMS Tower #26 buoy!...


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(All photos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2015.)

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