Monday, August 25, 2014

ZUMA Prepares For Big Wednesday, by Adam Sandler

Just in from "County Recurrent" freelance correspondent, Adam Sandler:

"Zuma OLs and B&H staff work feverishly to relocate several towers in anticipation of very high tides and high surf in the next couple of days as a result of Hurricane Marie.

With a 6.7 high tide hitting tonight at 2150, a 5.9 and 6.4 highs on Tuesday and a pair of 6.0 high tides on Wednesday, when paired with 10-15 foot waves, coastal flooding is likely. "This could be the largest surf event seen in recent years," says the National Weather Service in Oxnard.

The National Weather Service says Hurricane Marie will "likely bring a damaging high surf event to parts of the southern California coast this week." The NWS is calling for 10-15 foot breakers on south and southeast facing beaches.

(Image Source: NWS)

Below, Zuma Recurrent Dick Heinrich (aka "God's brother") watches as B&H skip loaders hook up his tower 14 and relocate it away from the berm to higher ground. His was one of several towers repositioned or relocated at Zuma in anticipation of high tides and surf hitting in the next several days.

*** Video Alert ! ***

Video of B&H showing how it's done. So smooth. 

or on YouTube at:

Zuma Tower Repositioning: The Video


*** Thanks Adam!  ***   We would like to ask our readership to have their cameras ready for this storm heading our way so we can post photos for us all to appreciate.  Thanks!


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