Thursday, August 7, 2014

2014 USLA Nationals: Day One Report, by Adam Sandler

In an exclusive report, "County Recurrent" is pleased to publish the remarks and photos of freelance correspondent (... and USLA Official, LACoLA Surf Racing Team member and Brian Murphy's personal publicist), Adam Sandler. Enjoy!

Dateline:  Thursday, August 7, 2014, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

These things are $50k they turn from a 4 wheel drive quad into a jet ski in 4 seconds after driving into the water. Maybe LACo FD should buy a few Instead of an EMILY. Just sayin'
Rob McGowan driving aforementioned PWC in Quad mode. Rob was doing course official duties: making sure competitors went around the correct flags and buoys. Sure beats being put in a dory!
Here's how the OLs watch the water on Virginia Beach.
Bob Moore Joe Murphy and Pete Peterson organizing the JG medals to give out to competitors on Wednesday. 
Brian Murphy conferring with officials today on the first morning of adult competition. Yes. they did take Brian's suggestion.
An advisory offered by the VB Lifeguards to the general public.

Below the Destin Fl team with their well-known prison stripes ready to compet

Bob Burnside hopping out of the dory after handily beating the other boats in the 70+ age group row.

Batallion Chief Chris Linkletter appears to be saying "we have to row in this?"

Ann Finley and Chris pushing their boat into position for the age group women surf boat race... and by the by, the dynamic duo won their race.

Eldin Onsgard gave a clinic in beach flags by easily defeating all challengers in the 60-64 Men Beach Flags. Eldin was Golden...medal that is.
Note:  Today was mostly heats with some Open and Age Group finals. I'll get some data points and pass them along hopefully later.



*** Thanks Adam!  ***  We really appreciate you keeping us all "in the know" regarding our team's efforts!

(All photos and adjacent text by & Copyright Adam Sandler 2014.  Used here with permission.)


p.s.   an extra credit and earlier photo also from today forwarded to us by "County Recurrent" correspondent, Nathalie Brouwer, showing four Veteran LACo Lifeguard/Surf Lifesaving Competitors!

Photo by & Copyright Nathalie Locas Brouwer 2014.

*** Thanks Nathalie! ***


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