Saturday, August 23, 2014

Santa Monica Is Busting Loose!...

Dateline: Saturday, August 24th, 2014

That south swell that was mentioned earlier this week..... well it's hitting our local beaches in a Big Way!  We stopped by SMS Tower #26 this morning and it was busting loose!  Rip currents, a lateral current hoovering toward the Santa Monica Pier.... rescues, preventions, emergency vehicle calls.....

We begin this story with a video!...

SMS Is Busting Loose: The Video

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Hoovering Lateral Current: The Video

On a day like today, you gotta wear fins!...

... and then the calls started for emergency vehicle responses to on sand incidents.....

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•  Code Three Vehicle Response: The Video

•  Gnarly Rip Current #1: The Video

•  Gnarly Rip Current #2: The Video

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Gnarly Rip Current #3: The Video    

... and then we went upstairs at CSHQ and spied some of the new LACoSLSA beverage coasters... followed by a flip turn and then headed back to SMS Tower #26...

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The View From Up Top: The Video   

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Pounding Surf: The Video

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A Very Long Wall of Water: The Video

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Gnarly Rip Current #4: The Video

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SMS Tower #26 Is Mackin': The Video

Below, even the Santa Monica P.D. Harbor Patrol truck is patrolling the beach.....

All in all, the conditions were truly hard core!...

The SMS Lifeguard Crew was busy early today and it was impressive to witness.  With a veteran crew and a handful of sharp and keen rookies it was one of those days where all pistons were firing.


(All photos & videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2014.)

Until next time.....

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