Friday, September 9, 2011

"Waxing Gibbus"!

"County Recurrent" wondered if tonite's moon was Full.

Fortunately, we heard from LACo Recurrent (Ret.), Jeff McConnel, and protege of Adm. Ed Perry (R.I.P.). Here is what Jeff advised based on one of the lessons learned from the Admiral:

Question: Full Moon ?

Answer: Per Jeff Mcconnel

"Not yet....waxing gibbous for another day or so.....then will rise around sunset on the full moon....and 56min and 55 secs later everyday thereafter... Admiral Ed Perry...."


Additional References:


excerpt: In the northern hemisphere, if the left side of the Moon is dark then the light part is growing, and the Moon is referred to as waxing (moving towards a full moon).



Thanks Jeff!


Until next time.....

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