Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bob Burnside Going Vertical at Puerto Escondido!

How do you spell CAJONES?...
Chief Bob Burnside (Ret.) getting it done at the Mexican Pipeline in 2001. On the 10th Anniversary of this vertical free fall and successful escape back through the base of this MONSTER WAVE, we shake our heads and clap our hands at this great waterman's bodysurfing skills.

"County Recurrent" asked Bob to describe this wave and his method of entry and escape. Here is what he had to say:

"Will asked about the earlier photo (above)... See the green trim of The A Frames at Puerto... taken the day before the other photo (at the top above) was taken... and only have a few of that storm's photos here in Utah.

See the pink cap below that I wear for safety... Board dudes can see ya...and if you're seen... better also..

I might bring to your attention another shot (below) taken with a huge pelican that was coming down the line as I took off..I had seen him skimming the crest of the wave..I took off...and luckily my friend got this cooool shot...

Zicatella... The Mexican Pipeline...has some of the greatest Body surf waves in the world... IF ya got the balls...there is a point break 2 miles south of these photos...that I had one day a ride that was green water for over a mile long....and in front on me... Like the recent dolphins video, three dolphins were surfing only ten yards in front of me the whole way... When I pulled out, they also pulled out...and to my amazement popped their heads up and swam around me .. One of many of my wonderful lifetime experiences..One of many... How lucky I have been to be part of the ocean, it's beauty, those that live in it, those that enjoy it, those that protect it. Now, to share the same in the Beautiful Mountains of the west... Again, just how lucky can a guy get..." Charge amigo... Bob


Many Thanks to Bob for sharing some great memories and photos of wonderful times in the ocean.


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