Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Super Scooper Sorties Over Will Rogers State Beach

Woo Hoo! Talk about a couple of beautiful sea water guzzling, fire dousing airplanes! Yesterday in the late afternoon on Labor Day, Sept. 5, 2011, we were fortunate to have a bird's eye view of a pair of Super Scooper airplanes doing repeated sorties from the Mandeville Pass Fire and the ocean while they were helping to fight between approximately 4:30 pm and on past 6 pm. Each of these planes can skim the surface of the ocean and pick up thousands of gallons of water to fight fires. During the half hour we watched from the bluffs we took some photos and videos, some of which we are including here for your enjoyment and interest.

LACo OL, Ron Pearlman (and City of Burbank Firefighter), also had a spectator's view from his tower at Will Rogers #10, just south of Temescal Cyn. Rd. and PCH. Here is what Ron had to say about these two planes flying over his tower yesterday afternoon:

"I was at WR10 and these beauties flew over the tower a couple of times..."

We hope you will enjoy these photos and video links which show the two Super Scoopers flying over our local Central section beaches at Will Rogers.

Video #1: Super Scooper Aircraft



x-ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Scooper


*** All photos by Will Maguire. Used here with permission.

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