Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Venice Pier is CLOSED !

(Photo above by & Copyright Niles Harrison 2011.)

That's right! You heard it here first!... well maybe you heard it here first.

In any case, the waves GOT SO BIG today at Venice that the waves were breaking along the deck of the Venice Pier. Such was the power and danger that OLS-Paramedic, Tito Bourget, shut the Pier down to prevent any harm to members of the public that were on the pier gawking at the size of the surf. We know that is true, because the editorial staff was at the Pier at 11:30 a.m and saw it firsthand and shot some photos and videos of it, though not of the quality of the four (4) photos showcased here by Venice photographer, Niles Harrison, who was kind enough to allow us to post them here for all of us to enjoy!

*** And a special shout out goes out to LACo Recurrent, Bob Valandra
, who sent us an email this evening with Niles' photos. Bob had the unique opportunity to book end his summer with two incredible days on the beach as a lifeguard at Buccaneer and, well, we are just going to let him tell you all about it.

"Buccaneer, Summer 2011" by Robert "Bob" Valandra

“My first day at Buccaneer this summer was the day before schedules started and I had two multi-victim rescues in seven foot overhead waves with Tito at the pier. As you can see from the photos my second day at Buccaneer this summer did not disappoint. Tito was the perm again today doubled with George Akopian at the pier and they closed down the Venice Pier for safety. Thankfully hundreds of prevents by myself, Kicker Vencill at North Pier (which is 100 yards north of the Venice Pier) and Brian Murphy at Driftwood sent everyone home safely today in my area.”

*** All photos above of the Venice Pier surf are by Niles Harrison. Copyright Niles Harrison 2011. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.

FYI: Niles R. Harrison : Gun for Hire | 54 Rose Ave. #8 Venice, CA 90291 |

Bob Valandra & Company, at center & below, at a Summer 2011 off duty lifeguard event

(L2R, above, Peter Marshall, Pat Carey, Bob Valandra, John Baltz, and unknown. Photo by Will Maguire.)


Thanks again to Bob and Niles for sharing their remarks and photos with all of us.

And the rest of you Recurrents out there on the beach: Please send us your stories and photos so we can continue to share this End of Summer Swell with our readership who cannot get enough of such stories and photos.


Until next time.....

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