Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's A Whole New Rating Year!

Have You Got Your Days In Yet?!...

That's right! It's a whole new rating year starting today, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011 and you better know how many days you need to stay on the list. Veteran "Top Step" Recurrents need 4 days but if you want to improve your seniority you better work a whole lot more days than that. Get your days in early. Don't wait until Aug. 31st to get your last day in!

If you are not yet keeping a journal of the days you have worked and any highlights of each shift, "County Recurrent" recommends that you do so.

A suggested format would include:

• Month, day and year
• Area and Tower
• Hours of shift
• Hours Year To Date
• Total Days to date (total hours divided by 8 hrs)


- Preventions
- Ordinances
- PIC (Public Information Contact)
- First Aids
- Rescues
- Missing Persons

note: This topic was previously addressed in an earlier blog post as there is apparently a preferred order when communicating one's daily activity to your area OLS at the end of your shift

(x-ref: "Recurrent Activity & Statistics" )

• Surf/Sun:

• Staff:

- Capt.
- Adjacent Tower Guards

• Highlights:
(Rescues, preventions, public info. contact questions, etc.)



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