Friday, April 11, 2014

July 2012 Flashback: The Photos

Just less than two years ago, these photos are already gems!  Have a look. They will make you smile.  Spread the love and watch the water!  10-4.

July 16, 2012:

Spy Photo, Vehicle Inspection, SMHQ

Weapons training, SMHQ

Waxing Philosophic...

GQ.  Definitely GQ!...

July 21, 2012:


The Three Amigos of SMN...

And look who ran by later...  Eldin!

July 24, 2012

Capt. Tom Seth giving instructions for the Taplin paddleboard tryouts...  He definitely should be on the cover of some Ocean Fitness magazine.  Just sayin'...

and July 29, 2012:

SMN Tower #15


(All photos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2012.)

Until next time.....

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