Monday, April 14, 2014

JGs Take The Plunge, by Adam Sandler

Wannabe JGs Take "The Plunge"

By Adam Sandler

Much like the swallows returning each year to Capistrano, hundreds of new JG hopefuls lined up at the Culver City Plunge Saturday for the first session of Junior Lifeguard Tryouts. Kids and their parents -- the latter are usually more nervous than their kids -- lined up starting at 0800 to get the test out of the way (see photo above) and get first crack at the plum beaches with JG programs. Those signs taped to the tents (see photo below) sport such destinations as Cabrillo, Torrance, Redondo, TK, Hermosa, Manhattan, El Segundo, DW, SM, WR and Zuma.

Clearly the favorite of the Southern Section is the morning session at Torrance, with many kids going on a wait list hoping to call it their summer home, rather than select an alternate. Ditto for Manhattan (Marine) where each summer JGs can be heard shouting "Witness The Fitness!" as they lift their head while swimming around the outside buoy. Central Section spots SM and WR also got picked often, with some hearty souls opting for Zuma. There are two more tryouts: April 26 at the Culver Plunge and May 4 at Palisades High.

After nailing the beach of choice, the newly minted JGs run a gauntlet of sartorial selections. After a uniform pick up, then it's over to the LACoLA "store" to snap up the highly coveted, and well-recognized Blue Hoodies -- in addition to other items. I was fortunate to work the store with Lifeguard family Patriarch Joe Murphy, where under my investigative journalist prodding, Joe spilled all the secrets of the surf-racing skill on display annually by the Murphy clan. Sadly, he swore me to secrecy. Kenny Atkins also helped distribute the very popular hoodies with his well-honed salesman acumen. The whole LACoLA store effort was buoyed by a highly proficient volunteer crew of Alum and OLs such as Joel Gitelson, Shannon Sullivan, Maria Bird, Frank Bird, Ann Finley, Bob Moore, Rob McGowan, among others, all of whom toiled under the deft supervision of Charlotte Graham. Well done, crew!

Below, L2R, Joe Murphy and Adam Sandler.

Below, L2R, Joe Murphy and Kenny Atkins.

And speaking of well-done, a tip of the baseball caps and floppy hats to Capt. Kyle Daniels, Brian Murphy and their whole on-duty crew (including Cadets) for a well-run, smooth as the morning ocean off Hermosa day.

Thanks to their efforts, hundreds of kids -- and more to come -- are going to have the best summer of their young lives. And hopefully stick with it to become rookie OLs and beyond.


(Story & Photos by, ©, and courtesy of Adam Sandler. Used here with permission.)



*** Thanks Adam!  We look forward to future reports about our future lifeguards.

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