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"The Dick Haddock Race", by Bob Janis

34th Annual End Of Summer Tradition - Dick Haddock Race

Zuma Beach to Paradise Cove - swim- run-swim-run-swim-run-swim

Date: Monday, August 20, 2012

Time: 1800 hrs.

Start : Northern Section LG Headquarters

Finish: Paradise Cove Beach Cafe.

Contact: OLS Ryan Addison and/or Tim Ryan at  310 457-2525


Zuma Lifeguard HQ: Start of the Dick Haddock Race
Course Description:

START on the sand at Zuma Beach - Northern Section Headquarters

SWIM around Baywatch Malibu Bouy ( approx 500 yds.)
RUN down to Pt. Dume ( approx. 2 miles)
SWIM around Pt. Dume into Big Dume cove ( approx. 800 meters )
RUN- down to Little Dume Gulley ( approx. 1 mile )
SWIM around bouy in little dume gulley ( 750 yds )
RUN down to Paradise Cove Beach Café ( approx. ¾ mile )
SWIM arounds final bouy ( approx. 500 yds. )
FINISH – on the sand at Paradise Cove Beach Café.


The Dick Race is named after Captain Dick Haddock for exemplary lifeguarding service at Zuma beach, beginning in 1948. Dick served the community for 37 years.

Initially Organized by Rescue Boat Captain Randy DeGregori in August 1979
.  The orginial course in 1979 is the current one and designed to be run at a LOW tide evening in August.

The Dick Haddock race is also known by several other titles:

“ The Slippery Dick race”
“The Dick Race.”

When Randy Degregori  transferred to Central as a beach Captain, OLS Bob Janis took over the yearly organization of the Dick Race.  OLS Janis continued the tradition until his retirement in July 2009. The current Dick race organizers are OLS Ryan Addison and OLS Tim Ryan.
This is a race for some and a rite of summer passage for most.

-  Winners normally finish around 45 minutes.
Section Chief Boiteux has always supported  the Dick Race by committing Baywatch Malibu and PWC crews to participate as course safety monitors. The Baywatch and PWC crews follow the race participants along the coastal route.

At the finish in Paradise Cove, there is Clam Chowder and French Bread donated by Paradise Cove Beach Café served in the fire pit area.

Over the years to build ocean lifeguarding for the future, Malibu High water polo, Pepperdine water polo, LMU water polo, State, northern , central, and southern ocean lifeguards have participated.

Come celebrate the end of summer passage with the 34th annual Dick Haddock Race at Zuma Beach on Monday, August 20, 2012.

Respectfully submitted,

OLS Bob Janis ( Ret.)
Robert Janis, aka, BJ, shown above getting in a workout in the garage at Zuma HQ.

10-4.  Thanks very much, BJ! 

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"County Recurrent" Photo Addendum:

The Baywatch Malibu buoy out front of Zuma HQ.

Starting running...

keep running...  woo hoo!...

Pt. Dume !... get ready to swim again!...

Start swimming!...
..... the rest of the course is left to the competitors' imaginations... 

Good luck to this year's competitor's!  And careful running over the rocks...  woo hoo!...

Until next time.....

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