Friday, August 3, 2012

2012 Wieland Shield Team Rosters & Photos

Wieland Shield - Victoria team photo at Medal of Valor Dinner, Aug. 2, 2012

 Dateline: Friday, August 3, 2012

The Aussies are in town and they want to take the Shield home with them... again!  No way!  Supervisor Don Knabe does not want that to happen!  In fact, the Aussies were encouraged to eat and drink as much as possible at last nite's Medal of Valor Dinner which the Aussies attended as guests.

We've been provided, albeit very late, the schedule of the Shield competition events taking place today and tomorrow.  We also just got the roster of the teams late last nite.

We wish the Aussies a great trip and good luck in the competitions but not that much good luck...


"The Wieland Shield"

Aussies seated front row and center in their navy blue and white team jerseys

The Aussies presenting the U.S. team representatives with mementos

LACo Capt. Kyle Daniels with his Aussie memento


Event Schedule:

Source: "Wieland Shield - Victoria" Facebook Page

Team Rosters:

22nd Wieland Shield  -August 3 & 4,  2012 Hermosa Beach

Life Saving Victoria Team
1. Emma Armstrong-Half Moon Bay
2. Alexandea Brown-Ocean Grove
3. Samantha Cain- Ocean Grove

1. Billy Curry-Half Moon Bay
2. Russ Goulding-Half Moon Bay
3. Tristan Halls-Half Moon Bay
4. Brad Cummins-Fairhaven
5. Brian Lim-Jan Juc
6. Tom Penney-Anglesea
7. Haydn Tierney-Point Leo

Manager - Wayne Cartwright-Anglesea
Coach - Neil Lazzarro-Seaspray
Manager - Cathy Tisdale-Ocean Grove
Physiotherapist - Nick Leman-Inverloch
Educational Officer - Emma Kelsey-Seaspray

California Surf Lifeguard Team
1. Diane Graner-Gallas - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard- South Bay
2. Maggie Hogan - San Diego Lifeguard Service
3. Tandis Morgan - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard- South Bay
4. Taylor Spivey - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard- South Bay
     Women’s Alternate: Renee Locarnini - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard- South Bay

1. Chad Carvin - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard-Central
2. Jeff Hart - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard-South Bay
3. Tyler Morgan - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard Specialist- South Bay
4. Brian Murphy - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard-Central
5. Mike Murphy - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard-South Bay
6. Shane Scoggins - California State Parks-San Diego Coast
7. Kicker Vencill- LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard-Central
    Men’s Alternate: Micah Carlson - LACoFD Ocean Lifeguard-South Bay

Manager- Jay Butki- LACoFD Paramedic Rescue Boat Captain
Coach- Scott Diederich- Laguna Beach Marine Safety Lieutenant

(Special Thanks to Adam Sandler for forwarding this Roster to us so we could publish it and get it our to our readership.)

*** All photos by & Copyright 2012 Will Maguire. All Rights Reserved.

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