Monday, August 6, 2012

Las Tunas Tower Vandalized !

The LACo Lifeguard Tower at Las Tunas on PCH in Malibu was vandalized this past Friday night, Aug. 3, 2012 and was first reported by the LACo OL who arrived for duty on Saturday morning, August 4th, 2012.  The photos shown here were taken Sunday morning upon my arrival for duty at Las Tunas at 1100 hrs.  Will Rogers Lifeguard Capt. Robert Torres arrived soon thereafter to inspect the damage and to take photos of the damage to the tower. And remarkably, repairs were already underway as of 0930 hrs this morning per Media Guru Adam Sandler's assistant who saw the Beaches & Harbors crew working on the LT Tower on her commute to work   *** Thankfully, entry was not gained inside the tower by the vandals and all contents and supplies inside the tower were still intact.


(All photos by Will Maguire.)

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