Friday, June 22, 2012

Skip Keith, R.I.P.

Skip, in the bow, above

Skip, with his wife, Bea
Alexander (Skip) Keith
September 26 , 1935 - May 30, 2012

In 1953, Skip became an Ocean Beach Lifeguard for the City of Los Angeles.  His duties began at the beaches of Venice and later at Playa Del Rey.  During this time his athletic prowess was focused, after his Lifeguard hours, on two man beach volleyball, where he and his partner took on "all comers."  He participated in the Taplin games and at one time paddled to Catalina.

Not to let the sand or grass grow between his toes he found the time to import foreign automobiles, assisting many Lifeguards in the purchasing of Porsche cars. And, with his vast knowledge of Real Estate he put together several properties and, in particular the undeveloped land on the hill behind Castle Rock, and again several Lifeguards benefited by their early investments with Skip.

After leaving the Lifeguards, Skip began his pursuit of Teaching Credentials and thereafter taught and coached at Los Angeles City College inspiring his students with his "You can do it" attitude and his mentoring skills. During this time he continued his Real Estate endeavors;  according to well known sources, "The Keith's" were always on the move and always to better accommodations. "They established a great working relationship with the Moving Company." Skip played a role in the very early development of the Skateboard industry working with Larry Stevenson on the Makaha concept and publishing "Surf Guide" magazine.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Skip's wife, Bea, and their extended family and friends.  Many Thanks to Harold Dunnigan and to Bea for allowing us this opportunity to pay our respects to Skip, our fellow beach lifeguard who has gone on to the next assignment above.


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