Friday, June 8, 2012

Recheck Pizza!

Just sayin'...

Create for yourself and your colleagues perhaps... a goal and reward each time you pass the annual recurrent recheck swim!

Shown here is the 2012 "County Recurrent" Reward, aka, "Recheck Pizza"!
A Slice of Cheese... from Manhattan Beach Pizza! 

Get fired up!  Another summer season is upon us!  These are the days of our lives!  Embrace it. Enjoy it!  And Share Your Enthusiasm with your colleagues!  Challenge them to stay in shape. Join them on a workout.  Swim around the pier. Do a set of in's and outs... maybe not as many as Burnside suggests...   :-)  Just Do It!   Get Fired Up! 
Eldin Onsgard: Totally Fired Up and Stoked!... At Just Having Passed Another Recheck Swim... every year since 1969.  No pizza, though for Eldin... his body is apparently a temple...  (Photo by & Copyr. Will Maguire June 6, 2012)


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