Thursday, June 28, 2012

Joel Gitelson Retires! Lomita Beach on Lock Down!

Veteran LACo OLS/Paramedic, Joel Gitelson, retires !  Lomita Beach has been placed on *"lock down" status as residents and businesses decide how to go forward...

This *twelve time "Medal of Valor" recipient leaves the Baywatch Rescue Boat Operation in disarray with pundits suggesting that no replacement is possible. 

L2R: LACo OL (Ret.), Harold "Hal" Dunnigan and LACo OLS - Paramedic, Joel Gitelson

And if you think things are uncertain in Lomita Beach, we understand that *residents of Avalon on Catalina Island are picketing the Lifeguard Substation demanding that Joel reconsider his decision to retire.  And *at the Isthmus, we have been advised that all boats have left their moorings and returned to their home ports because of the uncertainty of the future of boating with Joel's departure.

And to put things in perspective, realistically speaking, we were provided with the following thoughtful remarks about Joel's prowess as an ocean surf lifesaving competitor.  Many Thanks to Media/PR Consultant/Paddler/Beach Lifeguard (and County Recurrent Freelance Reporter), Adam Sandler, who stated as follows this morning in an email to the editor here at County Recurrent:

"Joel has undoubtedly saved many lives while out on the Island and his exit is a loss. But, let's also recognize Gitelson as a formidable competitor who keeps the LACoLA team in the points. Among the 60-64 crowd (along with OL Eldin Onsgard) he is feared and revered. Here's a pic of Joel at Nationals in 2010 explaining to the media the critical nuances of surf boat racing after winning a race."
Joel Gitelson, shown above. Photo courtesy of Adam Sandler.

We are also informed that colleagues and family will gather to celebrate Joel's career at an undisclosed (to the public) Southern Section location this evening.

Congratulations to Joel for his many years of service and the many lives he has saved.


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