Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Dolphin Rescue", by OLS Harry Varnas

Just in from Veteran OLS and Central Section Call Car Crewman, Harry Varnas. A dolphin in distress was rescued in the surf yesterday in Venice.

Here are some great photos and commentary from Harry about this event.

"On Wed June 13, 2012  an injured baby dolphin washed up at Navy Street tower at Venice Beach.

Below, OL Sean Young (in the hat, at left) and Captain Brent Katzer prepare to move the dolphin to avoid causing damage to sensitive pectoral fins.

Per OL Sean Young:  "I think the quick response of Captain Douglas and his knowledge of dolphin rescue protocol were the vital ingredients in the success of the mission. It was a new experience for me and it's certainly gratifying to know the dolphin is doing well."

Below, the dolphin is about to be lifted into the back of the truck for transport to Sea World by Peter Wallerstein of the Whale Rescue Team organization.

Below, Peter Wallerstein at the wheel; at far left, Danny Douglas (looking on), in blue t-shirt; and OLS Dom Holden at center with white shirt and sunglasses.

Additionally, Harry said:

"Just spoke with  Peter Wallerstein from the Marine Animal Rescue

He reports that the dolphin was a young adult weighing 100 - 125 lbs.   After its rescue from the beach, the dolphin was transferred to another vehicle with a cushioned aero bed. Peter then drove 3 hours to San Diego.  The dolphin was swimming in a tank when he left.  When recovered,  the dolphin will be released to the wild.

Congratulations to the lifeguard crew as Peter says this is the first dolphin to make it back to Sea World alive in about the last 10 years."


(All Photos by & Copyright Harry Varnas 2012. All Rights Reserved. Used here with permission.)

*** Thanks Harry!  Great story. Great photos!


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Jaro said...

Great story with happy ending. Peter is amazing and to drive to San Diego, that was a big sacrifice! Two thumbs up!!