Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Summer Is Over!": Say it isn't so!!!

September 22, 2010

If the perpetual overcast, fog and gloom weren't a big enough clue, yesterday was the last official calendar day of Summer, and so it seems certain that Summer 2010 is indeed truly over. Nevertheless, and by no means merely a symbolic gesture, we just got confirmation of this Fall's anticipated physical and metaphorical return to normalcy, at least as far as the appearance of our LACo Lifeguard Towers are concerned. And it was none other than "County Recurrent" Freelance Correspondent, Adam Sandler, who sent in the following report to our news desk yesterday:

Another sign that summer -- such as it was -- is officially over: Students from UCLA deployed along Zuma Beach this morning (Tuesday, Sept. 21st) to re-paint the towers from their Portrait of Hope motif and restore them to their original bland light blue color. The multi-colored panels will soon be removed and shipped off to various locations such as schools and hospitals to be put on display.

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While some of us may be sad to see some of the more creatively painted towers return to "County Blue", we know that there are some who will not miss the brightly colored towers of this past 2010 Summer of Colors. Nevertheless, this will be a summer to remember, not only for the fog but also for the public relations success that this Summer of Colors project has been for the LACo Fire Dept., and especially its Lifeguard Operations. The public has an even more positive impression of Lifeguard Operations than before because of this community inclusive arts project.

Lastly, Many Thanks to Adam Sandler for his dutiful reporting and efforts to keep all of us informed and up to date on what is going on the beach and in or on the water.

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spyder said...

Only six more hours, damn, i had so much planned for summer. Oh well, now i will just have to make plans for next summer.

Saw two of the colorful towers on two different tv shows of the new season. May they live on in media.