Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 Sanyo International Lifesaving Cup: The Results

(Photo above shows TEAM USA. Photo Courtesy of Molly Militello, Photo by Shota Aizawa. Used here with permission.)
Team Members:
First Row, L2R: Renee Locarnini, Molly Militello, Taylor Spivey, Kailey Makuta, Brianne Jackolski, Alison Riddle.
Top Row, L2R: Azad Al-barazi, Brian Murphy, Garrett Thibodeau, Micah Carlson, Brian Costello, Anthony Vela.
Standing, at center, at back: Team Manager-Guru, Jay Butki-san.

Just in from LACo O.L., Micah Carlson, from Japan who is a member of the U.S. Lifesaving Competition Team at this years "Sanyo International Lifesaving Cup" competition:

September 5 at 6:03am

"Here's what i got:

Surf teams, women = silver (Taylor Spivey, Kailey Makuta, Renee Locarnini)

Beach Sprint , men = silver Brian Costello

Board race, girls = Alison Riddle 7th and Taylor Spivey 11th;
men = Brian Murphy

4x100 Beach Sprint-Relay, Women 3rd (Renee Locarnini, T Spivey, Brianne Jackolski, Molly Militello)

*** Men = Gold (repeat) (Garrett Thibodeau, B Murphy, M Carlson, Brian Costello)

(Photo above shows the Gold Medal Winning Men's Beach Sprint Relay Team. Photo Courtesy of Jay Butki. Photo by Shota Aizawa. Used here with permission.)


Ironwoman, 5th, A Riddle
Ironman, 4th, M. Carlson

Taplin Relay, women 3rd (A Riddle, R Locarnini, T Spivey, Molly Minitello)
men 6th (Azad Al-Barazi, Anthony Vela, B Murphy, Garrett Thibodeau)

Rescue board rescuewomen= 4th (A Riddle, T Spivey)
men = 3rd (S Vela, B Murphy)


*** Rescue tube rescuewomen = Gold (A Riddle, R Locarnini, M Minitello, B Jackolski)

(Photo above shows Renee and Brianne finishing in First in Women's Rescue Tube event. Photo Courtesy of and by Jay Butki. Used here with permission.)
Per Jay Butki: "1st place by a country mile in the Women's Rescue Race- That's Oz and Kiwi teams still waiting for their victims in the background."
Patient-Alison Riddle, Rescuer-Renee Locarnini, Draggers-Molly Militello & Brianne Jackolski.


Per Molly Militello: "The Aussies & the Kiwis are in the background (took 2nd & 3rd places) killed em' by a long shot!"

Per Jay Butki: "Renee and Alison's swims were so dominant they are on the beach celebrating their Rescue Race victory & Australia, Japan & New Zealand draggers are still waiting for their rescuer and patient to make it to shore."

Men's Rescuetube Relay = 4th (A Vela, M Carlson, G Thibodeau, B Costello)

New Zealand
Japan A
Great Britain
Japan B
Hong Kong


Many Thanks to Micah Carlson, Jay Butki, Molly Militello (Ft. Lauderdale) and Shota Aizawa for their commentary and photos, etc. and for otherwise keeping our readership informed and doing so on such a timely basis! We all really appreciate it!

*** Bonus Photo *** of our TEAM USA chilling and taking in some sight seeing with some friends before heading back home to the US of A. ***

(Photo Courtesy of Jay Butki. Photo by Shota Aizawa. Used here with permission.)

*** *** ***

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