Friday, September 24, 2010

"COUNTY LIFEGUARD", Sept. 1978, Vol. 4, No. 1

Count em. 32 years... Sept, 1978 to Sept., 2010. Whoda thunk it?!...

Just the front and back page but it will either bring back memories for the well seasoned recurrent and permanent or you've never seen it before.

The President of LACOLA at the time, Gary Crum.

The Headline: Aussies to Visit

My personal favorite article: Recurrent Unit Certified

That's what I'm talkin' about !

And in the photograph in the right lower corner of the front page above, get this:
"Lifeguard Ira Gruber administers resuscitation to unknown drug over-dose victim. Victim was unconscious when lifeguards arrived, but she was saved through proper medical treatment." Wow ! Way to go Ira !

And check out the back page with this vintage, albeit undated, photo below of BAYWATCH II with Dwight Crum and Mickie O'Brien on deck! Wow!

Taplin Victory
. LACo Central Section won it that Summer of 1978 at what was then the 16th Annual International Surf Festival.

And on the last page, the County Gossip column known as "Good Happenings Announced" kept us all in the loop "back in the day" some 25 plus years before Facebook....

Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past.


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spyder said...

What a classic last page, with all of those future lifeguards and bronze gods and goddesses being born that summer. Considering that they are all 32 years old now, and that Ed Perry retired that same summer, the days have been very good to all of us.