Thursday, September 16, 2010


Attention: Recurrents, Family and Friends

The following public service announcement is presented on behalf of the Professional Lifeguard Foundation, a non-profit charity co-founded by Arthur Verge, Phd and Paul Silka, M.D., both active LACo Recurrent Lifeguards. The Executive Director of the PLF, Elizabeth Glick, also a LACo Recurrent and a licensed attorney in the State of Calif. recently requested that "County Recurrent News" publish the following announcement by the PLF:

"The Professional Lifeguard Executive Committee is winding the down the 2010 PLF campaign. Thank you to all who have donated to this year's campaign. We have had a record number of outstanding scholarship applications submitted by Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguards this summer. We are re-doubling our efforts to mobilize donors so we can be as generous as possible with awards to deserving candidates.

If you have not yet given this year or would like to give again there are two options.

*go to the website at

*send a check to 743 Almar Ave. Pacific Palisades

You can stay updated by joining our Facebook group: "Professional Lifeguard Foundation."

Please take the time to remind your friends to donate.
Finally, a PLF Donor Recognition event will take place in the fall so watch for emails announcing the time and location.

Thank you for your support."

Elizabeth Glick
Professional Lifeguard Foundation
Executive Director


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