Thursday, September 23, 2010

LACo Lifeguards Featured in LOS ANGELES Magazine, Oct. 2010 Issue

Attn: Recurrents, Perms, Family and Friends

Check out the new issue of LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE on page 150 ! Wow!

"FIGHTING THE TIDE": What It's Like To Be An L.A. Lifeguard

This is an expansive and extensively researched article with multiple interviews, plus photos of veteran Zuma Guards such as:

Dick Heinrich
Chris Heinrich
Capt. Chuck Moore
Mark Tempkin
Gary Fortune
Tim Ryan
Rebecca Gilman
Preston Delgado

and others!!!..... including Veteran LACo Recurrent Lifeguard and Prof. Arthur C. Verge, Ph.d, who is quoted regarding the early 20th Century Lifeguard, George Freeth and his role in the development of beach lifeguarding in So. Calif.

All we can say is Wow! You have GOT to read this article. It should be required reading for all LACo beach lifeguards.

Note: A portion of the article is available online but at the present time the only way to read the full article online is with a subscription or to go purchase a copy of the printed magazine itself. Here is a preview of this feature article online at the Los Angeles Magazine's website:

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As an aside, we also haven't seen this much lifeguard beefcake in traditional print media since the Summer 1996 Men's Health Magazine "Fitness Special" featured a semi-nude photograph of Phil Topar... but we digress.

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