Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Santa Monica South: Tuesday Afternoon, June 27, 2017

Dateline:  At and after 1:30 pm, Tuesday, June 27, 2017, I walked along the shoreline from Tower #16 out front of SMHQ to Ocean Park (at Tower #26) and back. Bodysurfed some waves at SMS 26 with my new DMC Fins. Sloppy windblown surf but it beats sitting at a desk during lunchtime...

Here are the photos. Do you recognize some of the Ocean Lifeguards observed on duty?

"Watch The Water!"... this OL above and below is ALL OVER THAT!...

Recently promoted OLS Jordan Stephens in the driver's seat above and below.  This may, in fact, be the first published photo of OLS Stephens since his promotion a couple of months ago.

Riding shotgun and out of photo close up range is newly promoted Capt. Teresa Connelly. On deck at SMS 26 is OL Fuller.

Nice summer weekday crowd below enjoying the beach!...

Unfortunately, there continues to be a great deal more #beachtrash along Santa Monica South than there ought to be as the six photos below illustrate.  If you are concerned about this, please contact the City of Santa Monica and let them know that you expect them to do a better job daily of addressing and removing the #beachtrash along the shoreline.

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