Sunday, June 11, 2017

Richard Mark: Rest In Peace

Dateline: Sunday morning, June 11, 2017 at Will Rogers Lifeguard Headquarters, in Pacific Palisades, Calif., family, friends and lifeguard colleagues gathered to celebrate the life of LACo OL (Ret.), Richard Mark.

Here are some photos and videos of this wonderful service.

Below, bon vivant and retired L.A. City/LACo OL, and Big Island Rancher, Jeff McConnel, a childhood pal and fellow lifeguard and friend of Richard Mark.

Below, in foreground, L2R: Ed Heinrich and Kenny Atkins

Below, L2R: Dave Anderson with Tim and Nancy McNulty.

Below, L2R: Jeff McConnel and Norm Shifren

Tim McNulty, Sr., below (ret., L.A. City/LACo OL)

Anonymous lifeguard carving up some fruit to go with his coffee...

Doctor, Doctor!...

L2R: Ingo Rademacher and Mark Newman, MD, below

Eldin and Jan Onsgard, below

Rob McGowan, below, eating healthy...

The Steve Hotchkiss family, below

Below, retired L.A. City/LACo Ocean Lifeguards, L2R, Dave Anderson and Ben Franklin

*** Video Alert ! ***

Video #1: Richard Mark Memorial Service

Center frame in brown jacket, ball cap and sunglasses, and always the style master, retired LACo Lifeguard Captain, Jim "Jake" Jacobson, with coffee in hand no less!...

Below, Richard Mark's multi volume tome on our LACo Lifeguard Family History

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Video #2: USCG Helicopter Fly By at Richard Mark Memorial Service

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Video #3: Taps by Buglers at Richard Mark Memorial Service

Below, on duty, on crowd patrol and pedestrian/bicycle safety duty, OL Shota Guterres, looking good in his Class A uniform...

Below, L2R: Jim Makuta, Norm Shifren and Bill Mount

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Video #4: Randy DeGregori Remarks at Richard Mark Memorial Service

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Video #5: John Matesich Remarks at Richard Mark Memorial Service

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Video #6: Richard Mark's Letter (as read by Greg Bonann)

John "Matty" Matesich, below

Below, Arthur C. Verge and Shelly Butler

Below, L2R, Norton Wisdom and Norm Shifren

Below, former L.A. City/LACo OL, Mike Eurs, DDS, down from Santa Cruz for the service...

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Video #7: Richard Mark Paddle Out

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Video #8: Richard Mark Paddle Out

Below, retired LACo OL, Leslie Kroon (and Rudy Kroon's daughter), with her husband, Jackson

Below, Tom Overmire loads his tacos up with grilled onions...

Below, Uncle CC (aka, Chris Carlson)

Above and below, veteran LACo OL, Tom Doman

Below, L2R, Steve Contarsy, Ron Pearlman, Lynn and Phil Topar

Hey Newmie!...

Last but certainly not least, Matty heads off with Richard Mark's dory which he gifted to the Cabrillo station lifeguards...

Rest in peace, Richard. God bless you and your family...

Respectfully submitted,

Will Maguire, Editor
"County Recurrent" News

(All photos and videos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2017.)

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