Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beach Trash Audit, Sept. 14, 2016

Dateline: Wednesday morning, Sept. 14, 2016, along Santa Monica South... the trash remains uncollected along the shoreline by the City of Santa Monica.  Look closely and you will see the very same trash we previously observed and photographed on the two previous days of Sept. 12 and 13, and which are both posted on this blog in separate blog posts.

Below, these two empty plastic water bottles have been there since Monday!...

Below, MODELO beer cans left uncollected by the City of Santa Monica on the deck of the shuttered Lifeguard Tower #16...

If there is any good news to share in terms of the staggering amount of trash that is not collected by the City of Santa Monica it is this... namely, that Heal The Bay (HTB) had a tent set up along Santa Monica South at the bike path behind Tower #17 this morning and were preparing to send student volunteers out to clean the beach in advance of the annual Fall Coastal Clean Up Day sponsored by Heal the Bay and set for this Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016.

excerpt:  "Students will learn about pollution prevention, explore the beach and tour Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.  The day includes a group beach cleanup, allowing students to make an immediate, positive impact on the coastal environment." (emphasis added).


(Image Source: Heal the Bay Facebook Page)

That's the good news anyways.  The bad news is that it is apparently only children/students and volunteers who clean up the trash along the water line because as our repeated audits and photos prove... the City of Santa Monica does not do it!...

Below, the aforementioned Heal the Bay tent set up this morning on the beach...

Below, two HTB volunteers at far left ...

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