Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Summer 2013 SMN T-Shirt, by Gabe Campos! Get 'em while they're hot and still available...

Heads up!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just in from Veteran LACo OL, Gabe Campos (aka, The Mayor of 1550).

Veteran LACo OL, Gabe Campos, on duty at SMN Tower 1550, July 2013

Re:  The Summer 2013 SMN Crew T-Shirt; FYI

"will, they will be the white tees;  logo red with blue writing.
• no names or SMN on them just logo front pocket and full back
• logo just like last year with some changes."

"I'm @ T-15 or 1550  fri sat sun but to make sure sat/sun 8-4pm  T-15
*** tees are $15 (white) XL only. Also in navy XL only.
will have a small supply of tank tops in XL only
hope this helps. if any other sizes will need to know order has been put in and they will print early next week."
*** they can also e-mail me at:


*** Thanks Gabe!  ***


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