Monday, August 12, 2013

Lozano • Atkins: In The Dory At Nationals, by Adam Sandler

L2R: Jerry Lozano and Kenny Atkins

"Attached pic is of Captain Kenny Atkins and Jerry Lozano surveying the race course conditions prior to the Age Group surf boat race finals. The duo got off to a rough start which allowed the pack of other surfboats to get way ahead in the course and finish while they were still rounding the first buoy. Not to be deterred, the duo dug in and completed the course, albeit a bit later than they had hoped -- and behind everyone else. "Maybe they stopped to catch some fish?" remarked Eldin Onsgard in good natured snark. Eldin, who along with Randy Steigley, was in the same race and on the sand well ahead of Atkins/Lozano. But in an example of sportsmanship that maybe some of the younger guns could take to heart, Lozano - smiling big after crossing the finish line - was told of Eldin's remark and quickly quipped "we did it on porpoise."

Terrific spirit, gents!



*** Many Thanks to Adam Sandler for sharing another great story from this year's Nationals in Manhattan Beach, Calif.  ***

(Photo and story by & Copyright Adam Sandler 2013.  Used here with permission.)


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