Tuesday, August 20, 2013

John "Matty" Matesich Retires! San Pedro In Shock!...

Photo courtesy of Richard Mark. Photo by & Copyright Charmaine Mark 2013.

Say it ain't so!...

Just in via the lifeguard grapevine...

John "Matty" Matesich announced his retirement at the recent annual Cabrillo area party on Aug. 14th in San Pedro, Calif.  Matty (with a "y"), age 75, has been a recurrent lifeguard for the last 57 years.  Due to his recent knee replacement, he felt he could no longer perform the duties required of an ocean lifeguard.  In attendance were many of the local retired South Bay lifeguards: Ed Nelson (57 years), Chick McIlroy (56 years), Joel Gitelson (51 years), John Burich (48 years), Bob Bartlett (48 years), Vic Pappas (45 years), Kenny Atkins (40 years), Scott Linkletter (37 years), Mark Lozano (36 years), and Ed Butts (43).  Presenting Matty with the Bronze Savage was Richard Mark and Hal Dunnigan (57 years). 

Matty's next big event will occur during Mardi Gras in February, 2015 when he will be crowned King Argus XXXI.  If you have never been to New Orleans, here is your opportunity.


We wish Matty a healthy and happy retirement that he truly deserves. Hopefully, he might do a bit of traveling now too...   :-)


Editor's note:  Little did we know when this photo below was taken on Day #1 of the recent USLA National Lifeguard Championships in Manhattan Beach on Thursday morning, August 8th that Matty would be retiring the following week... or maybe it was Chief Bob Burnside (Ret.) telling Matty to hang up his trunks and join him in Utah for all that powder skiing...
Photo by & Copyright Will Maguire 2013.

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