Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LACo Training Academy Assists With Body Recovery!...

Dateline: Sunday, June 2, 2013; Hermosa Beach,  7th St., at approx. 5 pm...

Day #2 of training for the 2nd LACo lifeguard rookie class got some real life training this past Sunday evening when a swimmer went missing in a rip current off of 7th St. in Hermosa Beach.  The training academy (rookies in training) was nearby at Hermosa HQ when the call went out for a grid search and the young guards were quickly dispatched under supervision and set up a human chain to assist lifeguard divers, Baywatch rescue boats and jet skis to search for the 21 year old man who was overcome and unable to get out of a rip just off shore at around 5 pm.

There have been several articles published in the local newspapers and online and we will include those links below:




One heck of a way to start a career. Trial by fire, as it were.  It's a stark reminder of why "we watch the water" and warn people to swim near an open lifeguard tower.  It's a terrible tragedy that repeats itself, unfortunately, in spite of public education efforts to the contrary.

This is going to be one heck of a special group of rookies that learn from this real life drama and the fact that in spite of their best efforts not everyone can be saved.  We can do our best and still Mother Nature has the last word.

We are so impressed with our Lifeguard staff and our academy candidates for their valient efforts this past Sunday.  The hours and hours of training and experience revealed itself in the precision and the execution of the grid search and body recovery efforts.   One heck of a lesson for our rookies in training but one which will serve them well in their careers as a constant reminder to stay vigilant and to continue to work as a team.



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