Tuesday, June 4, 2013

B.Y.O. FINS !...

B.Y.O. FINS!...
 *** South Swell Alert! ***

"This is a deep water swell and will have plenty of muscle to it, so be ready to do battle!"  (Source:  SwellMagnet.com; emphasis added).

Pack your Fins ! 
Swell Magnet is predicting a strong south swell set to arrive Thursday (June 6th) and holding through Saturday. Could be some swell remaining for the events at the Saturday a.m. Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race... 
Per Swell Magnet: "Thursday morning looks promising as that 20+ second, long interval South swell puts the best South facing beaches into the well overhead zone. 
 *** This is a deep water swell and will have plenty of muscle to it, so be ready to do battle.*** 
The points and reefs will undoubtedly handle the energy best. Many of the beach breaks will likely be long and walled!".... 
"For Friday morning (June 7th) the SW energy will hold and continue to dish up some bruising, well overhead sets for the top spots." 
(*** = emphasis added).

And last but certainly not least, we asked Veteran LACo OL/Big Wave Surfer, Kip Jerger to comment on the forthcoming southern swell:  
"Well, if you are not in shape when one of these big swells hit, you are in trouble. It's important for lifeguards to get wet when the surf is big. This way they can feel comfortable in large surf when making a rescue. Most think it is a macho thing to surf big waves. That may be true, but I see it as training to assist me in my job. Stay safe, Live Aloha!

 Thanks Kip!  
 "County Recurrent" News 
Savvy Recurrent with board shorts and a fin tucked in the back...

(All photos by & Copyright Will Maguire 2012.)
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