Thursday, May 31, 2012

Code 3 in Hermosa... by Kip Jerger

Just in from LACo Recurrent, Kip Jerger, a Southern Section guard since 1974, regarding a rescue this past Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

From:     Kips Yahoo
Subject:   C Spine today at 3:00 pm at Tim Kelly tower
Date:     May 29, 2012 4:35:22 PM PDT
To:     Will Maguire

"Hi Will,

I was working a 10-6 shift at 2nd Street Hermosa today. At approximately 3:00 pm, I noticed a patron rolling around in about 2 feet of water. There was a 2-4 foot wind swell with 10 knot winds running at that time. I hopped on the County's new ATV and traveled code three down to TK tower. Once there I observed 4 patrons holding onto an approximately 300 pound male victim in the surf line with waves knocking all of them down. I ran into the water and asked him where does it hurt. He said his arm. He had gone over the falls on a double up 4' face and landed on his shoulder on the hard sand.

I immediately activated EMS. Then 5 of us proceeded to pull him out of the water. Once on shore, OLS' Dave Kastigar and Charlotte Graham showed up with Unit 100, with their still hot lunches uneaten in tow. After Dave further assessed him, we found out he had tingling down his left arm and leg. Dave then immobilized the victim's head. Charlie Piccaro, the Hermosa Permanent (and my JG who I had trained in 1982) then went to work back boarding him along with Charlotte. We C-Collared him first, splinted his arm and back boarded him. Then Charlotte drove Unit 100 back to the Strand where four fire fighters were standing by and they transported him to the nearest Hospital for further assessment. No word yet on his status.

I thanked Charlie, Dave, and Charlotte for the great and timely back up.

Dave and Charlotte finally got to eat their cold lunches...


p.s.  To relax after that adrenaline rush, a big male Dolphin jumped 6 feet out of the water as to salute us.  That was my ego talking.  Actually I think he was chasing his dinner down.

 (Kip Jerger, above, at 2nd St. Photo courtesy of Kip.)


10-4, Kip!  Thanks for sharing this latest team rescue effort by LACo lifeguards.

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