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Kip's Klassified Ads... Bali Surf Safari 2012!

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LACo Recurrent Legend and bon vivant, Kip Jerger, has just announced his company's next "Bali Surf Safari!... which, of course, extends a discount to Lifeguards!  Additionally, Kip describes some employment opportunities for off duty lifeguards, etc.  Well, here, let him tell us what's the deal:

BALI SURF SAFARI 2012:  Sept. 1st - Oct. 15th

"I have a killer trip coming in Bali.  Lifeguard surfers only, in high style. September 1st - October 15th, 2012.  Exquisite Villa, pool masseuse and Boat trips to 1000 Islands. For one month only. Special lifeguard discounts. Call Kip at 310-308-7264. Are you ready to get Barrelled at a fast tube ? One side of the Island is Rights , and the other side is Lefts. We go to both to build both skills at the spots on Bali and many other islands. You in ? Or are you a beginner, We have researched beginner and sun tanning beaches for 12 years now, that are adequate for beginner surfers. Family friendly Beautiful Beaches in Uluwatu...  (see Point B in map below). Call Kip, for several options according to your own budget.

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Kip is looking for qualified lifeguards that have some free time to teach surfing at Learn To Surf LA surf camp at Venice and Manhattan beaches surf camps.

Trials to work with Kanoa / Learn to Surf LA are June 3rd at 45th street in  El Porto.  8:00 am. Bring a surf board and be ready for a 4 hour class . JG and lifeguards are given high priority. Ages 10 - 13 for junior instructors, and, age 15-17 paid instructors.

Lifeguards, we may have a job for your talented Ocean child in Venice, and Manhattan.. Fill free to contact Kip for  possible child employment at Learn to Surf LA and Free Spirit Surf LA. Formerly know as Kanoa.

Live Aloha,


Kanoa Aquatics
P.O. Box 3582
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

 (Photo of Kip, on duty, at El Porto, Jan. 2012.
Photo by & Copyr. Will Maguire 2012)

10-4, Kip.  Hey Kip:  Where did you get the idea for the name, "Free Spirit" anyways?!...

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