Friday, June 4, 2010

"County Recurrent" Summer 2010 Head's Up: June Edition

In case you've been hibernating, you may have missed these upcoming events, etc.

1. Paddle Racing Returns to Historic Santa Monica Pier: Sat., June 12, 2010


2. The Fourth Annual "Tour De Central Run-Swim-Run":Run-Swim-Run":
Wed., June 16, 2010 @ 0630 hrs.

3. Ed Perry Memorial Regatta, Sat., June 19, 2010

4. Kanoa Aquatics; Special Bulletin:

From: Kip Jerger

Re: "Looking for Room To Rent For Kanoa Malibu Surf Camp Director"

Below is a piece I did for David Hasselhoff's 250th show anniversary. Can you place a bulletin up for me. Looking for Room to rent or trade for children surf camp sessions. Kanoa Malibu Surf Camp Director , very well mannered gentleman from New Zealand, Tim Bailey.

Thank you, Kip Jerger ( email: )

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