Sunday, June 13, 2010

Magical Surf Shots From Yallingup, Western Australia: Courtesy of Kanoa Aquatics

Check out these photos from down under from Western Australia at Yallingup !

All Photos Copyright 2010 by Loz Smith of "Indigenous Images". Courtesy of Loz Smith and Kip Jerger.

Per Loz: "Yallingup means Place of Love in the indigenous peoples language and was a sacred place for ceremony, its now a very sacred place for the surf community and has been since the late 50;s early 60;s. The strong swells that break on this Cape area come direct from the South Pole uninterrupted and have been compared to the Hawaiian Islands for their power and plenty. Local surfers like Ian Cairns, Mitch Thorson, Ant and Snake Paterson and current #3 on the world tour Taj Burrow have all honed the skills in the many heavy Yallingup breaks. Hope this little story helps. Aloha loz"

These photos are courtesy of LACo Recurrent Kip Jerger, who also owns and operates Kanoa Aquatics. Kip offers exotic surf trips, including to New Zealand in November.

Per Kip: "Lifeguards welcome at a discount to Bali September-October, Australia November 1 st -15 th, and New Zealand November 15 th - December. Meet all the locals through Kip, surf sun, and relax to your deep inner core. Ready to do an adventure ? Stand up Paddlers welcome."

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P.S. Loz is good , isn't he?

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Many Thanks to Kip and Loz for sharing these great photos!

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