Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BYO Paddleboard: Hermosa Thursday Nite Paddling

Head's Up! Just in from Mike Murphy.

Thursday Nights in June and July.

Board Paddling Practice at the Hermosa Pier at 6:30 pm.


* get more comfortable in the surf

* not feel like a kook if you ever HAVE to paddle

note: "County Recurrent" seconds this benefit!

* find something to do when the surf is terrible

* learn from a variety of guest speakers

comment: this could actually be a deal-breaker.... :-)

Any Questions?
Contact: Mike Murphy 310.991.1837
email: mfmurf999@hotmail.com

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"County Recurrent" News
applauds this weekly event which Murf is organizing and we especially think it is important for the younger guards to hone their paddleboard skills and to get connected to our ocean warrior tribe and to contribute to the camaraderie of our clan.

Per Murf: "We want to be as inclusive as possible to all lifeguards, regardless of area, section, or even agency. We try to present paddling as an easy way to get into the ocean when the surf is lackluster, and a swim is less than exciting. We also emphasize that spending more time in the water in a recreational setting ultimately behooves us in circumstances that are not recreational. Last, we hope this is a healthy way to include young lifeguards, who don't have the seniority to work regularly, thus missing out on the camaraderie we all appreciate so much."

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